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I just moved to a new house, I have 4 cats and have only brought two over so far. One of them is meowing a lot more then normal, im guessing its because of the new house, new smells,etc..

My problem is, in my old house we had carpet and in the new house we have hardwood floors. Im guessing cause of the hard wood sound travels farther and the meows are really loud. One of my boyfriends cats that we havnt brought over yet has this annoying meowing habit, it drives me nuts and now im scared it is going to be even worse in this new house.

Lastnight I could hear the one cat meowing really loud, at my old house i could never hear them.I think im in for some long nights.

Any ideas on what i can do to cut down the meowing? Should i try a spray bottle?
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First of all have they been spayed/neutered?.

No don't spray them with water It could be because your cats in new surroundings?. My house is all hardwood floors throughout the downstairs also so wait until they decide to have a game of chase then you'll know what noise is
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I would rather try giving the cat a greater comfort level. Do the cats have beds or their own personal space to claim?

If it's night time crying, then try playing with him and giving extra attention before bedtime.

Occasionally one of my cats will talk to me and I talk back.
I just figure they are requesting some extra attention or want to argue a bit about what I said they can't have at the moment.

I have to say I'm really not an advocate of spraying cats though. I guess I think of cats as speaking a foreign language that I haven't learned. If you turn the tables, and you were trying to express yourself in engllish to someone that didn't understand the language, would you want to get sprayed in the face with water every time they didn't understand what you said?

If you think about it, how else is a cat going to communicate with you? I'm sure if they were capable they would voice what's bothering them outright, but they do what they know how to do in cat language.
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Hi, we made a similar move with 4 cats, but we brought them in altogether and the transition from carpet to floor was negligible. I think they're yowling for their friends, and therefore are doing it louder, trying to call them (which of course is magnified by the lack of carpet), but once they are together again, they won't be calling so loudly and you won't be aware of the noise.
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Can you confine them at night to one room with all their familiar smelling stuff in it? Also, you might try a feliway plug in or two or get some of the spray and spray it throughout your house. Once you get all your furniture and rugs in, the sound probably won't be as loud.

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