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Question concern over puppy eating

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Hello......Well as some might know we adopted a puppy on Monday from our local No Kill shelter. They had told us it was a 12 week old MALE beagle mix. Well we really didnt pay much attention as we thought she was mixed with a smaller breed and would be tiny. WE took her to the vet and he is a she (which I should have known better) and then that the puppy is only 6 weeks old and not 12. So Im a little disappointed in the shelter because we adopted Daisy there before almost 2 years and we visit often since then. I just expected more accurate information. They said she was mixed with Chichauwa (sp) and the vet said NO They claim that a vet looks at them before they get put them out to adopt. Anyhow........
now that I know shes so young Im concerned about what I should be feeding her. I have Iams puppy food and Puppy chow puppy food, But she keeps eating my Daisys older Iams Weight But only like 5 little pieces at a time. I would guess she maybe ate 1/3 of a cup yesterday.
What should I be giving her to make sure she gets enough food in her little body. The vet said she was on the thin side.
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Oh and I should add that its amazing how well all the pets are getting along. The cats even come right up to her and smell her and check her out. I have been very pleased with how they all are getting along.
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I niotice you said you are feeding Iams; did you know they are one to the main companys using Huntingdon Life Sciences, if you don't know about them check out the website www.BUAV I'm sure you wont like what you see;
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Originally Posted by pelly
I niotice you said you are feeding Iams; did you know they are one to the main companys using Huntingdon Life Sciences, if you don't know about them check out the website www.BUAV I'm sure you wont like what you see;
Unfortunately your link led me nowhere.......I put in Huntindon Life Sciences and I do find the website about using animals for testing, but where do you get your information concerning Iams? Thanks
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Ok forget it I found information on it.....Thanks
Well any insite from you on what food would be good for my puppy would be nice as well..............
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How about Purina or Pedigree Chum puppy food; thats what we fed our two on; and they are doing just great; thats apart from the cat food they pinch nd anything thats lying around, especially shoes and socks:
I know you are in the States; but I'm sure they sell these makes over there; when we visited a few years ago I remember seeing them: Hope you didn't mind my mentioning Iams; but after seeing what happens there I couldn't possibley support them:

All the best with the new little one
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Most shelters go by the information they are given when someone drops off unwanted puppies and kittens. I'm not saying they didn't lie on the age but sometimes it's a guess on their part as well.

Continue with the puppy food and make sure that she doesn't eat too much of the weight control. At this age she needs all the extra stuff in the puppy food that's not in Daisy's food.

She may very well have chihuahua in her. If you don't know who the actual parents are you can only guess.

Looking forward to pictures!!!
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Thanks. WE actually have Purina Puppy Chow which our puppy has no interest in. Its my older dog thats on the Iams Weight Control by her vets request and thats what the puppy has been eating.

DO you know if Science Diet is a supporter of Peta?
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I also have pictures on the other pets page.
Thanks for the information...........I know that her eating Daisys food isnt the best for her but at this point at least shes eating something since she turns her nose up at the Purina puppy chow...........
Im going to PetSmart today to pick up something else for her.
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She is darling!! But yes, Puppy Chow is horrible food (as is most anything you get at a grocery store...but puppy chow is waaaaaaaay down there).

Great foods (among others) are:
Nutro Natural
Eagle Pack
Flint River

etc. etc....(Google super premium dog foods for dogs and you can compare ingredients and brands)

Good luck with her!

(and yes, its impossible at times to know what a dog is mixed with...even rescue people are given wrong information..Though its very ODD that they got the gender wrong)
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Well I went to PetSmart tonight and got some Nutro Max for the puppy, both wet and dry and she TOTALLY ATE THE WHOLE THING..............a first for her since we brought her home. YIPPEE!!! Shes been just laying around all day and not eating and I was getting so worried. So thank the Lord that shes doing better with eating.
She even ate two helpings but then I cut her off even though I think she would have eaten more. lol
And I fed her at 10:30 pm........not a good thing, but thats when we got back from the store. Had to wait for hubby to get home. Ill need to get up a little more tonight for her. Im just so happy she ate.
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Good Morning..........
Well lets just say DIXIE LOVES She acts like she is starving. She will scarf down what I give her and then want more. She whines and crys where she knows the food is........nuts. Poor thing was just so hungry. I just thought her picky eating was the way she was from stress or whatever. Had I known I would have run out sooner. I mean she had been eating just not enough. I think its the wet food that has pulled her in, but after a few weeks of it Im going to wean her off of it to just dry.
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I was going to suggest the Nutro, glad you found something she likes! she is absolutely adorable BTW
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