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I got fired yesterday. :(

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So, I get to work yesterday morning, only to find out they were letting me go.

They say because of my absences. I have been VERY sick lately, with Pneumonia. It has been a VERY rough three months or so, since I moved to Mabank and started working at the Pre-school.

Among being sick CONSTANTLY (which is pretty normal when you work around kids) I have:

Been lied to from my school, and because of that, have been unable to finish (i had 2 months go to.)

My grandmother passed away
My great grandmother has been very sick with pneumonia
My uncle passed away
My best friend's brother was killed in a freak skiing accident he was 23
My other best friends brother died of Leukemia he was 19
My VERY reliable car has broken down 4 times
I had to go to the ER (no insurance) found out I had Pneumonia
That same night I went to the ER, someone threw a rock through my car's window. (i still haven't had the money to get it fixed)
The next weekend after the ER, I was thrown in jail for 3 days. (my VA drivers license had been suspended, which I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT. for not having insurance in VA. Well, I wasn't driving in VA, I was driving in TX and had to have insurance there. ANYWAY, the DMV never bothered to contact me. they just suspended my License. We got everything worked out, and they took the blame. But still. 3 days in Jail. With felons. Missing work. now I have lots of lawyers fees)

After being in jail, I get pneumonia again because they refused to give me my medication in jail.

THAT is what leads me to just last week and work giving me time off. I took one more day on monday, so I could go back to the DR and see if what I was going through was depression and get meds.

They fired me the next day, claiming they just couldn't afford to pay me. I am one of the highest payed people there, almost twice as much as anyone else, and enrollment is REALLLLY low. Evidently they are going to have to let others go as well soon, if things don't look up.

Anyway. I need some good vibes. I never ask for them. But I think it's time.

I am so worn out.

I have a job prospect. A PERFECT one, close to the house, I would get out of work early enough to go back to school. It pays really well, and even offers a little bit of health insurance. But, I need to wait for the current receptionist to be let go before the position actually opens up. Ha. So good vibes on that as well.

Sorry this was so long. I just had to vent to someone.
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Kristin, I am sending tons of good vibes for've had enough trouble to last you a life is time for some good luck!!
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Thank you. I really need this.

I normally have enough good vibes for me and ANYONE and EVERYONE. but right now, i can't even muster up good vibes for myself.

My boss yesterday was crying right along with me saying how sad she was to seem me like this. That she KNOWS I am a vibrant and amazing person, she has seen it. And maybe some time off from life will help me get it back.

when i interviewed there things were wonderful in my life (As they normally are) but shortly after I interviewed, things started to happen, first my car on a couple of occasions, then school ended up being a joke. (I had been driving 4 hours one way on the weekends back to Austin to finish. They suggested I take a leave of absence just until I found a job in mabank and got things squared away. They made it sound like they were doing me a huge favor and happy to do so, so that I could reduce the stress of commuting that much, and then concentrate on school more. I went 30 days later to resume school and they told me their policies had changed and they didn't offer my subjects on the weekend anymore. FABULOUS!)

Anyway. Things just started happening, one after another. And being so sick in the process has just worn me out.

My head is still above the water though. I am just waiting for the tide to go out dang it!!!
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oh heck, I just dont know what to say, you´ve had so much to deal with, well heres sending loads of warm and caring {{{{{hugs & vibes}}}}} and fingers crossed for the job prospect. You seem to be strong and with all the TCS love and support you´ll get through
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Wow I'm so sorry you've had to go through all this! I hope things start looking up and you've got all the {{{{{{vibes}}}}}} I can spare!
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Oh That's horrible!

{{{{{GOOOD VIBES}}}}}}}}}}}
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I am sorry all this has happen to you.....we all send you many good vibes for better things to come....
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Good vibes headed your way Kristin! I hope things begin to look up for you soon. You sure have had a rough time lately
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I can't even beleive that so many negative things have been happening to you lately. No wonder you got sick, its hard to cope with all of that and not get worn down.

Hopefully this new oppurtunity will be the one for you, and things will start looking up. Sending lots of prayers your way
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Aww! {{{{{{{{{{ hugs & vibes }}}}}}}}}} I hope everything gets better for you!
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Wow thats alot going on!!!!
I hope your health is better and a new better job comes through for you!!
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Thanks so much you guys!!

You know, it really does make a difference when you focus on GOOD things. For so long I have been focusing on the bad things that have been happening, but just focusing on the GOOD things you guys are saying and wishing really makes a difference.

I went back and read my first post and it made me feel sick. But I read all your well wishes over and over, and it is just so up lifting. PLEASE keep it coming. This is really what I needed.

As for the Pneumonia, it has pretty much run its corse and as of yesterday is pretty much gone. It really stinks that they couldn't hold out with me ONE more day. But oh well. Everything happens for a reason right?

Keep it comin' please!

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Wow, thats a lot to happen to one person!

I hope things get better for you soon, you deserve it!
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I hope things get better for you really really quick... That's alot to go wrong all at once. <<<<<<vibes>>>>>>
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I am so sorry. many good vibes
did you tell them about what happen to you?
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I´m so sorry about all that my friend..
My best wishes to you!

Don´t give up!!!!...
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I just saw this thread--wow, that's a lot of stuff to cope with, but you must be one tough cookie, because you seem to be pushing along through it all. Many many many <<<<<<<<<vibes>>>>>>>>>>> that things get better for you soon.
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Repeat after me: what doesn't break me makes me tougher, everything happens for a reason, God (or whoever you believe in) won't give me anything I cannot handle! I am strong, I can get through this!"

Sending you lots of luck:
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sending you good luck friend and many<<<<<<< vibes >>>>>>>>>
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Thank you guys really!

Keep the good vibes coming. I am supposed to call the woman in charge of releasing and filling the receptionist's spot tomorrow. She will be telling me weather or not they are ACTUALLY letting the woman go and ready to interview/hire me.

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