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This makes me so mad!

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Today they found a cat lying in a ditch with an arrow lodged in it left for dead. The cat is now in the vet recovering. She is pure white, a very gorgeous cat. Another case of animal cruelty. There have been no news reports yet, becuase it happened after todays newspaper was published. They don't know who did this yet, but when the find the person who did, I hope they rot in a jail cell somewhere. Who could be so sick and do this to a poor cat? I am soo angry right now!
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Another case of some very sick people who are in this world. Poor cat!!!!!!!!
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That poor cat! I agree with you Vader. There is a very *special* place in hell for people who do this type of thing.

At least they found the cat and were able to save it. Maybe this can have a happy ending after all, and this angel can find a forever home with tons of love.
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I hate people who do such mean things to animals without a care in the world.
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We got a call today from the animal control officer because this woman had a 150 pound Bull Mastiff that she left tied to a car(She lived in a camp ground) after she got into a fight with her boyfriend and she left. When the Boyfriend came back he stuck the dog in the car and rolled up the windows and the dog died......

I really hate people who do things like what happened to the poor dog and that poor cat.
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It was very interesting-Last night on the local news, after the weather forecast (hot, hot, hot!) the anchor took the time and reminded people that leaving kids or pets in the car in the summer can be deadly. He also emphasized that you will go to jail for it. It was really refreshing (no pun intended) to see.
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I've got an update: the guy who beat his dog and cat to death, with a baseball bat, was indicted on animal cruelty charges. He's looking at a felony conviction and a good, long stretch as a guest of the state.
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That's great to hear! Now, if we could recruit that jury to try all animal cruelty cases in the US...
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A 14-year-old was arrested Wednesday night in a case of animal abuse in Akron.

According to NewsChannel5, the teen admitted to blowing up a cat.

The cat belonged to Pseudora Ruffin. She found her pet decapitated by the force of an M-80 firecracker. The incident happened over the weekend on East Lodge Street in the northern part of the city.

The teen could get up to six months behind bars, if convicted.

The U.S. Humane Society even stepped in and offered a $2,500 reward.

*I feel like throwing up*
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I feel like getting together a lynch mob!
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