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Wednesday's DT

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Good luck with your new job!!

it isn't Wednesday here yet...but it will be in 8 minutes! :LOL:

I have to go to bed!!! I should not still be up! I have to go back to work tomorrow after almost 2 weeks of vacation. I am dreading it!!!!! It will be about 100 degrees in the factory where I work, and I will be on my feet most of the day. That is bad enough when you aren't pregnant!!!!
I am going to talk to the doctor on Friday about how much longer I have to work. I am getting closer to my due date, and they are talking about moving it up, so it may only be 3 more weeks. I want to stay home now!!!!!

Sorry for the whining.

I took 2 cats into the vets yestersay to be fixed. Picked them up today. They were the ones who just hang around here part of the time...semi-feral you could say, and they had kittens here. well, their kitten days are over.
But now tonight I spotted another feral down by the shed, a big black and white one I have never seen before.
With my luck it will be a pregnant female!!!

It never ends. *sigh*

Guess I should go to bed since all I can do is complain... :LOL:

Hope everyone has a great day! I know I won't. (oh there I go again)
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Well my Wednesday is getting off to a not so good start. I talked to my dad Monday evening about my car and what happened. He seemed to think that the car stalled because the engine overheated from the lack of oil. It sounded good and made sense and he assured me the car was safe to drive to work.

Well I drove it to and from work yesterday without any problems but later in the evening I ran down to the bank and back and just as I pulled into my driveway it stalls.... Then I start it back up and pull up a little and then it stalls again.

I called my dad and told him it was doing it again and that I had checked the oil before I went to the back and it was full. He said that the car is going to have to go into the garage. NO!!!!!!!! Big bills and no car do not make for a happy Jessica.

He's going to make an appointment today and hopefully the car will go in soon. Does anyone know how long it normally takes to get a car into a garage?

**sighs** So now I'm back where I started... Having to be toted around. Bah!

I hope everyone enjoys their day and I'm going to try and make the best of mine since it's only 2 more days till Friday!!
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Just thought I'd stop in and say "Hi".

Glad to see everyone will be having fun today!!!!!!!

Jessica, hope all is okay with your car. I normally get mine back the same day and ....I live in the country where everyone knows everyone so, the 'garage' is actually attached to the owners home! Maybe it won't be too expensive (positive thoughts......positive thoughts.....)

I am sad though. Today, I will be in an all day meeting and will not be able to check in until tonight! Not fun........

Shower time!!! Better skiddadle or I am going to be late for work.

Debby, this is the one time in your life that anything goes. Happy, sad, mad, frustrated, annoyed, you are allowed because, well.....you're pregnant!
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Mckenzie gets going early in the mornings with this little superball and she rolls it along the second floor landing between the rooms back and forth along the hardwood floors. At night when I go up to tuck her and the kitties in bed, I look everywhere for the darn thing but she effectively hides it (I managed to take it away once) and when I gave it back to her, her feral mind said "AhHa! That'll never happen again!" I swear I look for it every night and never find it, but in the mornings I hear it- it is my alarm clock of sorts! LOL I would scold her, but she is to darn cute!

Last night we went on a road trip to the coast (about 300 miles round trip) It was really nice and Mike just wanted to get me out of the house. It was my first long trip since my accident and although this morning I am pretty tired, it was a beautiful ride. We went to dinner at The Crab Pot, which is this really rinky-dink looking shack in Newport where they serve up the best seafood around! Buy it fresh off the boats and serve it right to you. I am always amazed at the seafood prices. They had huge Tiger Prawns, but just to buy 4 pounds would of been almost $50.00. I am so spoiled because in Alaska, we just had to go on our boat and get our fish and crabs and stuff on our own. I love prawns, but not at that price!

Well, I need to go feed the horses and the other critters. Mike is still asleep and hopefully I won't wake him.

Debby- I feel for you having to do hot factory work. I hope that they tell you you can take a leave of absence tomorrow! And good for you for getting those kitties fixed. It never ends, it truly never does. I have 3 right now I need to trap and get into the vet to get taken care of. I hope to be trapping the big golden boy this week. So far, I have managed to trap poor Kahuna 4 times! LOL But the orange boy is older and trap savvy and it might just be that I have to gain his trust another way. At least I know for a fact it's a tom and not a pregnant female.

Happy Day All..........Stay safe!
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Good day all! Sugie has gotten a time out again. She started peeing and pooping all thru the house again. She now has a private room just set up for her and is back on the meds. She is crying to get out, but we can't have her peeing on our bed.
I went to a hypnotherapist Monday night. It was really interesting. I am going for weight loss. I will have at least 6 session. I'll keep everyone up to date on how it goes. Well, this weekend (July 1st) is our Canada day weekend. I have a rib fest to go to. What is everyone else doing for their July 1st, 4th holiday. I am in training for most of the day so I probably won't be visiting often. The training is just about so start so TTFN (ta-ta for now)!
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Hello everyone! I only work a half day today b/c I am going to help my family move. So, I'm outta here at 12! Yeah! 3 hours left. Hubby and I watched the first 2 episodes of the second season of the Sopranos last night. I am once again addicted! I love the Sopranos. I could watch all the episodes in one day if I had the time. :LOL: It was raining earlier, but now the is out, so hopefully the weather will cooperate for the move. I have my first belly dancing class tonight and I am really looking forward to it. I haven't really been in any classes or done anything new in a long time, so I am looking forward to meeting new people and possibly making new friends. Have a good day everyone! :flower:
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Just another day at the office. Two of the bosses are out of town today so it should be pretty quiet. Of course, as soon as I say that the phone starts ringing off the hook! :tounge2: Just my luck.

Nothing big planned for the July 4th holiday. I don't know if we are going to see any fireworks or not. The display we usually go to got cancelled a long time ago. It is at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds and besides it being way too dry, that was one of the places they were keeping large animals for people evacuated for the Hayman Fire. Those poor animals had been through enough without adding a huge fireworks display. We may spend the day with some friends since their suburb's fireworks have not been canceled. Don't know yet.

Hope everyone's day improves.
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All right! I'm done and...I'm back! (sorry guys, I just can't stay away from you all too long!)

Now I just have to prepare the minutes for the meeting but that can wait until I unwind a little.

We are celebrating July 1st on June 29th. Big picnic and fireworks. Beer tent, kids games, face painting and food. It's our one big party of the year. There are about 250 people in my village and we never get out (or is it just me??????). It's alot of fun though. From what I can remember (a couple of coolers too many caused this lapse in memory), I had a great time!!!!!

Have a great end of day!!!
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I'm off, today. I have a pork roast, in the crock pot. At 106, it is too hot to turn on the oven! I got my schedule juggled, so that I can be at the hospital, tomorrow for Mom's surgery. Bill offered to take the day off and go, too. He's such a sweet man! I told him no, though. My dad will be there. If things go badly, I'll call Bill. I would have rather gotten the day off but couldn't. I'll just go in at 1:30. At least, I have a 3-day weekend. This week, I really need it! Happy hump day!
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Debby, just out of curiousity, why didn't you take your vacation together with your maternity leave? Do they allow that? I knew a friend who combined her vacation leave together with maternity leave.

Jessica, when a car starts to fail, its time for a new one! The Hundais are pretty affordable or.

Whisker's Mom- you mean to say July 4, right? Not July 1st.

Well, tomorrow is my last day of school. I am working on everything so that I can turn them in tomorrow. Then take two tests and I will be done!

This morning, I was sleeping and suddenly I felt a rough tongue on my face. Rascal was snuggling up to me in bed and giving me head butts.
Who needs stuffed animals when you can have a live one!
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Alicia, nope.....I am Canadian!!!! Ever see our commercials? We're really cool people. "cool" being the key word. I guess we can be considered the mini-Alaska at times.

July 1st is our holiday. I have a day off on monday!!!!! Yay!
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I called the garage today, the one that the car was fixed up at before. The man I spoke with on the phone told me the car couldn't come in until Tuesday and he thought it was going to be a couple days before they could even look at it!! So with Thursday being a holiday I figured that would interfere and it would take even longer for my car to be fixed. So today I was very depressed because my vacation is comming up and I wouldn't even have a car to drive. I'd be stuck home all week!!

A co-worker suggested another garage because they had worked on his car so I gave them a call and the man I spoke with told me to bring the ol hunk of metal down tomarrow morning. Yeah!! My dad wasn't happy but I told him I can't be without a car for that long of time. He didn't have much to say since he knows where I am comming from.

If the repair bill comes to too much I'm just going to junk it and buy a new(used) one but I really hope it doesn't have to come to that.
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