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Throat trouble?

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Has anyone ever had that feeling like something is stuck in your throat, but you don't think anything is really there?

Well its been going on with me since Friday! Its driving me nuts! I've been having some sinus drainage and a little cough too, but I've never experienced this feeling with sinus trouble before. I finally went to the school infirmary, but he didn't do much besides look in my mouth, tell me it may be a viral infection and give me some Allegra.

Its a very strange feeling, doesn't hurt necessarily, just a little dry and raw from coughing. Just the feeling something isn't right, like a little pressure or something. If its not any better by tomorrow when I get off work I'm gonna run by a walk-in clinic and see what they say. Anyone have any other ideas of what it could be?
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I have had that with a sinus infection ..... I was given the z-pak and nose spray made at the compound shop to help alleviate all the symptoms .... sorry I know its miserable .... hope you feel better ....
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You might need to get a strep test done just to be sure. In the meantime you can try gargling with some warm salt water, or make some hot tea with extra honey in it. The tea really tends to soothe your throat.
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I agree with the gargles. I sometimes use warm salt water and sometimes ginger water (warm water with a pinch of ground ginger added). Also, you might try marshmallow root capsules (soothes inflamed mucus membranes) or gargle then swallow slippery elm/licorice root tea. I also use saline solution to keep my sinuses clear - it's gross & I often gag, but feel so much better afterwards.
I hope that this annoying condition clears up for you soon!
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Thank you guys, it seems to be feeling a tiny bit better this morning. I'm hoping the Allegra and Cold/Sinus meds are finally kicking in! I really really hope it is, because I'm suppposed to leave for the beach friday morning and want to be well for vacation! I don't have any of those teas to try, but i will gargle with some salt water before I leave for work. Thanks again!
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my mum uses this when i am sick: 200 ml of hot water (so a cup) with half a lemon juice, if you dont have that use 3 table spoons of lemon concentrate and a half a teaspoon of sugar, then skull it.

I dont know how but the next day, the synuses, fever, cold has gone!
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I deffinitly agree with the gargles.

I have severe allergies and post nasal drip, which causes the rough red and irritated throat you have.

Gargle with warm salt water and take some ibuprophen. Both of those will alliviate the swelling, which is where the feeling of "something stuck in your throat" is coming from.

Unless your throat REALLLLLY hurts, you have a fever, and you have little white bumps on it (your throat, not your tosnils, don't get them confused. my bf does. lol) i wouldn't worry about strep at this moment.

start with the salt water gargle every couple hours and advil or motrin (ibuprophen) as directed on the bottle for pain and swelling. keep taking whatever antihistamine the dr gave you. It will dry up the drip that keeps dripping down your throat causing the problem in the first place.

good luck!
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Originally Posted by Yarra

Unless your throat REALLLLLY hurts, you have a fever, and you have little white bumps on it (your throat, not your tosnils, don't get them confused. my bf does. lol) i wouldn't worry about strep at this moment.

You do not have to have all of these symptoms to be diagnosed with strep throat. I used to get strep throat every 2-3 months for several years before having my tonsils removed.
She mentioned her throat has been feeling this way since Friday... If it doesn't clear up in the next day or so I would highly recommend a visit to the doctor just to rule out anything that needs treatment.
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I have no idea what it could be...but good luck, and hoepfully its nothing serious. Being sick sucks!
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Trout has a point.

I would call the school infirmary and see if they are able to test for strep onsite.

If they can, I would head on down there, it should be free to students right? Ours was, but i guess all schools are different.

If they can't test for strep, or it does cost money that you don't have, give it a couple days and if the salt gargles, allegra and ibuprophen don't help, then I would head to the DR. by Friday.

It might be allergies too. You would be amazed at all the things allergies cause.

If I don't take care of my allergies and nipe them in the bud, I can end up with pneumonia. It's happend twice in my life. (normally i just end up with bronchitis)
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Remember that a sinus infection is an "infection" and most of the time needs antibiotic treatment... 1 time I swore I had an ear infection, no breathing problems, and I told the dr, she's like nope your ears fine. So, of course I argue with her cause I know everything, and she says everything in your head it's connected, your nose, to your ears, to your throat, to behind your eyes.... 1 tiny little blockage, closer to your ear, it'll feel like an ear infection... ummm, ok, she was right . I had to take prescr allergy meds & do the prescr nasal spray also.... and finally, it went away!
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I went ahead and went to a walk-in clinic today, since I'm leaving for the beach tomorrow. The doc was extermely nice. Well, the strep test was negative and my sinuses looked fine, so my diagnosis was "acute pharyngitis". So in other words, my throat is red and there is not really a way to know exactly why. He sat and talked to me, very friendly! He said it won't hurt to continue the allegra, see if it helps. My mom is gonna get a Z-Pack (antibiotic) for us to take to the beach, and the doc said if I start having signs of infection like chills, fever, achy, etc start the Z pack. He also said there is always the possibility of GERD (reflux) but theres not much of a way to diagnose it without getting scoped. But he gave me some samples of reflux meds to try, and he said if it helps then when I get back from the beach make an appointment to do more testing for GERD. And last but not least, it may just be a virus or something that will knock itself out after a week or so.

Even though I still don't know for sure whats wrong, atleast this doc took time to sit and talk with me, and explain all that it could be and what to do!
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Ashley, I think you jinxed me! j/k!! Now I am having the same throat trouble. My throat just started hurting this morning.
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It actually sounds more like Thrush to me.
A yeast infection.
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Originally Posted by rachelh1018
Ashley, I think you jinxed me! j/k!! Now I am having the same throat trouble. My throat just started hurting this morning.
Aww, I'm sorry!! I hope you get to feeling better too!

Arlyn - I don't think thats it....I just looked up some stuff and I don't have any lesions/ulcers or the white stuff in my mouth or throat, not anywhere that is visible anyways. And the doctor didn't see anything either...? I'm hoping its just a virus or something that will go away, or that the meds he gave me to try will help!
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I've never gotten lesions or whiteness from Thrush.
It's more common in babies, most doctors never even consider the possibility in an adult.

I get Thrush from sinus fluid draining down the back of my throat in allergy season.

If your throat doesn't improve on the meds you have, ask him to do a swab culture.
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