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Huge scare last night

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My husband was cleaning our fish tanks last night and he forgot and left the screen door completely open for about 30 minutes. We searched for Kiki throughout the house and then we went outside. I was in a panic because Kiki has never been outside before. About 10 minutes went by and then here comes Kiki out from behind the couch. She was asleep the whole time. This just scared me to death. I told my husband that if she would have got out, it would have been grounds for divorce.:laughing2
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WHEW!!!!!!!!!! I bet you were sooooooo relieved to find Kiki sleeping! I know I would have been out of my mind thinking that one of mine had gotten out! I am glad that it all worked out OK!
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We had a similar scare with Xavier when he was a kitten. It was in the middle of winter and Brian and I were getting ready to leave the house. Before we go anywhere we always check on where the cats are to make sure they are not in the computer room tourturing the iguana or snakes(at the time) while we were gone.

So we could account for everyone except Xavier.... We searched all his hiding spots, looked everywhere he would be and looked places we didn't think he could be. We both were panicking and we looked outside. I wasn't sure if he had a chance to get out but we had friends over earlier and they're famous for leaving the doors wide open.

Finally we found him curled up in the chest we use to store the firewood. Brian had it open because he was using the wood stove and we closed it without realizing Xavier was in there. He didn't seem to mind though... He barely even noticed us when we opened it. Whew!!
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A few years ago, my first cat Tara got out. I have never figured out how, but she must have slipped out when we left to go to a movie. We came home, and she was nowhere to be found.

Needless to say, we slept in the living room. At about 3 am, we heard meowing from the porch, and there she was, begging to come back in. She never did that again. I guess one big adventure was enough.
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Merlin and Pepperpot always try to escape - all of out cats are indoor cats. We had a bunch of people over for father's day and my brother-in-law kept forgetting to close the door properly - Merlin escaped twice in one day! Let's just day I told my B-I-L off!
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We had quite a scare once too! I always check to see where the kitties are before we leave and one day I couldn't find Boo anywhere! I looked every possible place I could think of...behind the tv, in the kitchen, in the cat tree, in the office, under the bed, in the bathroom, in the closets, but I couldn't find her anywhere. I was so scared that she had got out, but I couldn't think of how she could escape. I even checked the halls in my condo and went down to the first floor, but no sign of my Boo Boo. I had been looking for about 30 mins. I finally looked in the bedroom closet again and she was hiding in a very dark corner in between two plastic storage containers. I was so glad when I found her.
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I think they do it delibrately to see mommy running all over the house terrified.
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Cats must carry around their own transporters (a la Star Trek). I've had several occasions where I've gone out shortly, and have been absolutely sure Ivo didn't sneak out behind me. When I get home, she is nowhere to be found! Several times I've been in a panic, running around my (small) apartment. Then, lo and behold, Ivo will be sitting in the middle of the living room, looking at me.
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Christy!! You ?? An empiricist? A scientist? You believe that nonsense? Of course they don't have their own transporters!! That's so silly; beam meow up, Scotty! Hmmph! The truth is they have the power to become invisible!
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They aren't cats - they are chameleons - they blend with their surrounds!
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Rowdy tries to stroll out, whenever the back door is opened. The other night, I was looking all over, for her. Bill found her in the magazine rack, under the end table - sound asleep.
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