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I hated money when I was youger. I hated how people behaved when they had sudden wealth. I hated how my father abandoned us as soon as he striked rich.

However, after two years of worrying about where the next meal comes from, I no longer hated money. Now I love money. Now I want as much as possble. Now I believe that if I have lots of money I would be a thousand times happier.

I would use the money to buy a house and a car and pay it in cash. I would also finish my Ph.D.
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I would pay off the house/vehicles. Pay off debts... I would for sure help my mother, with whatever she needed. I would put some in savings, and of course for the kids as well. Then if I had any left-lol-I would go on a big ole' shopping spree, and a vacation, far far away!!
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