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Who likes$$$$ What happens if a millon$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is yours!!! What would you do with it??? ^_^

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I think I'd be on Ebay bidding on the cloaks worn by Gerard Butler in the movie Phantom of the Opera!

Then I would pay bills and debts and build a new house.
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Pay off my house! It's our dream home, so I wouldn't consider moving. Hiring a housekeeper/nanny. I would still raise the girls primarily, but DH and I would have more freedom to go out. Traveling (with the nanny, of course.) My husband would also like to own a bar and play as the house band every night. (How many software developers/musicians do you know? ) Pay off my mom's and sister's house. Put money away for my girls education as well as my niece's (my sis is a single mom). My list could go on and on.

I've got my powerball ticket for tomorrow night. We buy one once a week.
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Oh, and buy some really good chocolate!
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How much is the jack pot??? Oh dont forget about the SPA
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I would---

pay off debt
buy a house and a sweet car
buy everyone in my family a house
take a month long vacation
shopping spree for clothes
Rescue hundreds of misplaced animals, and take care of them all
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I have to buy a BIG BIG BIGhouse. and get all the kitties and doggies into my house. AND buy alot of cat stuff and dog stuff. AND put
some in my bank and give the rest to the poor,church,and animal shelters.
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I would..
  • Buy a big house.
  • Maybe get a new car.. I'm pretty fine with mine, though.
  • Adopt several cats/dogs, and then pay for the adoption of others for friends/relatives.
  • Go on a huge shopping spree.. clothes, books, and lots of other things.
  • Buy a plane ticket to somewhere that I would like to go that's usually really expensive.
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I think I would still finish my degree (but maybe find a bigger apartment) then I'd take a year off and travel all over the world.
After that, I have no idea. Maybe I'll find some place in the world where I want to stay, then I'd buy a nice house there... or maybe I'd go to grad school (and study something that involves travelling a whole lot more)... or I don't know. There's a lot more I need to see and experience before I can know for sure what I want and especially where I want to settle down (and whether or not I even want to settle down)

In the mean time, I'd give a lot of money to charity, including Doctors Without Borders, Clowns Without Borders (yes, there is such a thing ) and probably some more politically charged groups (peace groups, immigrant rights groups, etc.)

In the short run, there really isn't all that much I'd buy. Maybe a fancy cat tree and some nice furniture for my new and bigger apartment. But surprisingly, there isn't much that I'm really dying to buy myself. I'm pretty happy with what I have.
I'd probably buy something nice for my former in-laws and for my grandparents though.

Kinda boring, huh?
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No not at all boring. I was thinking about that to.
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a big house with a pool and acreage so I could have a couple horses out in the country. that may be out of the ordinary. of course I'd have cats and dogs. and maybe a goat.

I would donate a HUGE chunk of the money to the humane society where I volunteer and sponsor some dogs and cats' adoption fees (well I could do that with $1,000

lots of chocolate

I would buy a new house for my parents

go on a huge shopping spree for clothes and other stuff

I can't think of anything else..
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Buy a house, pay off our debt, save the rest.
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Definitely quit my job, prepay my upcoming college funds...actually I think I would stay in school until I'm 50. I like school, its funner than the "real world"
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Originally Posted by KittyLova
Who likes$$$$ What happens if a millon$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is yours!!! What would you do with it??? ^_^

hehe i have most of what i need, and my wants are simple accept for one.
there is a airplane i would love to buy. but it is around 19 million, so give me million and i would have to invest it to try and get 18 more
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I would build a house, of course making it very cat friendly i.e. shelves and ramps all over on a lot of land and go kitty crazy! I'd probably also buy myself a nice vehicle, I'm thinking Jeep Cherokee, fully loaded
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Pay off debts-renovate house -take a long vacation-invest the rest
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Lets see I would pay off my house, pay off my parents house or let them move cause I think they are thinking about it anyway, and travel and have a ton of cats. With all the time I would have left from not having to work I would volunteer at the humane society. Maybe even start my own shelter.
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I would buy myself a penthouse flat in London for the weekends and a farm in the countryside for the weekends. I would then get me some goats, chickens, quails and re-home some ferals in the barn.

Then I would hire a personal trainer (as i am lazy and need motivation!) and get fit. Next I would buy a whole new wardrobe for my weekends in London (I can wear old clothes to work my farm.)

I would hire a garden designer to help me tend my land and have a garden full of veg and good things to eat, no flowers!

I think I need several millions for this plan thou
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Well...yes I do love Money

Other than the responsible things that I would do (paying off bills ...etc)....

The one crazy thing I would do: I would go on a month cruise around the world and make sure to stop by paris!!!
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Firstly I would buy a big house and then buy loads of cool things for my kittens I would probably also help my family out if they were really short of money.
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I think if i had loads of money I would open a rescue shelter or maybe help my rescue expand there work (and hire someone to help raise the profile of spaying/neutering and the rescue). Then i would finish fixing up my house, sell it, and buy a big piece of lakefront property far from my nearest neighbours (but family and friends always welcome!!) and it would definitely have a hammock, and an enclosure for the kitties!!! Then i would put aside some to pay my nephews tuitions!!!
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Originally Posted by Renny
I think if i had loads of money I would open a rescue shelter or maybe help my rescue expand there work (and hire someone to help raise the profile of spaying/neutering and the rescue).

That's a good idea!
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I would....

-Pay off mine and John's debt
-Pay off my parent's debt and buy them a house in the country on a huge lot that they've dreamed of
-Buy them all new cars, and as promised - I told my oldest brother that if I ever strike it rich, I'd buy him the best Hummer money could buy - so that would be my present to him
-Build John & I our own house in the country
-Save at least 100,000 and put into savings for our future children's college funds
-Go back to school
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I'd buy a brownstone with enough rooms so that DH could have a room for his painting studio, I could have a writing room/library, and the kitties could have their own room full of cat trees and other fun climby things (oh, and of course DH and I would have to have a room to sleep in too ). Maybe with all that space, I'd get a couple more kitties too. And I want a jacuzzi bathtub.

Other than that, I'd pay for my brother to go back to culinary school (he had to drop out because of lack of funds), and I'd help my parents retire. I guess I'm going to have to win a pretty big jackpot, huh? But I would still want to have a job, but something I really enjoyed, not just work that pays bills.
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Pay Mom what I owe her and then some..

Buy some land and build my log cabin....

Build lots of out building with heat and air for my animals and adopt some more

Give a new building to the local no kill shelter and help the for profit become non profit ( red tape)

Hire a part time gardener ...
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1st off I'd pay off my bills, car pymts etc...
Then I'd buy our dream home, and furnish it....
Definately vacation around the world... there is still so much of it I want to see.
I'd most likely set my little sisters up in their own condo/townhouse, paid for. They are both single moms with lousy exes....I'd also want to put a chunk away for their babies...for college, and of course Jazzy's college.
I'd try to pay off my mom's mortgage, and my dad's mortgage too, if there's enough to go around...
And savings.... I hope we're talking about 1million, even, after taxes right? Cause I wouldn't be able to do the 1st 3 if it's before taxes!
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Taxes are a killer.
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Last week, I wanted to win the California Lotto SO badly, I almost cried, when someone else won. I was up to a little over 100 Million. I know with my dreams, a mere Million wouldn't do much I mean after you've purchased one nice home, you've got your entire million spent.

WHEN not IF, I win a mega jackpot, I will buy a condo in New York City overlooking Central Park, I would also buy a condo here in LA, so I could live half the time in New York and half the time here. I would give each of my brothers and sisters a million dollars, and tell them, not to ask for any more money. I have a couple of special friends, I'd also give a million each to, as well. I would hire a housekeeper to do all of my housecleaning, and I'd hire a driver to drive my car, so I wouldn't have to drive myself.

I would give a portion of the money to Religious and Cheritable organizations.

I would then basically live off of the rest of the money, and I would have the free time, to work on graphics and logo's to my hearts desire

Oh...and I would have one wild fun filled party at Best Buy where I'd buy every electronic item and DVD my heart desires!
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Originally Posted by AnnasMom
(How many software developers/musicians do you know? )

Oooo I know one LOL.

My list:

pay off all debits
I would buy a toyota Prius (hybrid car) for me and my husband
Then I would put the rest into R.R.S.P.'s (so they can collect some interest)for when I want to buy my own house in 3 years.
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I'd save some for college/car/house, but use the rest to travel the world!
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