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Well I guess we are sort of keeping him so here are some pix...

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I posted in Caring for Strays and Ferals last week when I found him in Walmart parking lot. The Walmart customer service person said people dump their cats there all the time unfortunately.

Well I haad a home lined up so I quickley got him in to be neutered and vaccinated and tested. Then the next day she changed her mind. I have been posting ads up but no responses. My boyfriend Lucas loves him and just let Willoughby out of the bathroom to explore (he never does that when I bring home strays). Lucas always says no more and I am sad about it but I know they must move on, I just rescue them. But he was saying that he really likes this cat a lot and letting him out of the bathroom is a good sign. SO I don't know for sure yet but whats one more cat when you already have 6?

Here are some pictures of the hansome guy!
See? No tail!

His favorite way to sit on my lap, or else on his back like a baby with only my hand holding him up

Such a skinny little guy with a big head and big hard male tomcat cheeks!!

Excuse my foot in the picture!
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Isn't he a sweet boy! He looks like such a lover boy and I can see why you want to keep him. You'll have to post pictures in a few months when he fills out and turns a gem. I bet he is a diamond in the rough!
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Oh he is a gorgeous little gentleman! I"m so glad you are keeping him! He looks like a special find!
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He's so cute! He's lucky to have a home with you.
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He has a deep kindness in his eyes ...... hes beautiful ...... I hope you get to keep him ......
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he's a doll! in the last picture he reminds me of babyharley's Harley. I really hope you get to keep him.
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what a sweetie, I would let him stay too!
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Pfft - who needs a tail!!??
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You've got yourself one little lover boy there He's gorgeous!!
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Aww he's super cute.

Good for you for saving him!
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With lots of TLC, good food, etc. etc. he will be even more handsome than he is now and what a sweety!!
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so glad you gave this little guy a loving home? Will someone explain to me how you just take your animal out and "DUMP" him???
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What a cutie! Looks like he could melt anyones heart! Obviously whoever dumped him didn't have a heart!
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what a cutie-pie just adore the one on your lap, he is so cute !! You are such a special person to help out
I just cant get my head around why people dump animals how - why - whats the matter with these people oh I´m speechless ! !
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What a beautiful cat, I would love to see updated pics of him. Were you allowed to keep him?
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Yeah! Did you get to keep him and fatten him up some?
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