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Our newest addition: Dixie

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Hello everyone, well we adopted another dog. Her name is Dixie and we thought she was 12 weeks but after a vet visit today have found out she is only 6 weeks. But she is doing well. She is on meds for a parasite in her stomach and has her heartworm/frontline and puppy shots. Our Daisy has accepted her very well and they both seem to just love each other.
Here she is......all four lbs of her.

We had thought that she was a beagle/chihuahua mix but turns out the vet thinks she is a beagle and norwegian elkhound. So instead of this tiny do that would be barely 20lbs we have a bigger baby growing. But we are so in love with her. Its very disappointing that she is so young BUT she is a rescue so they came in all ages. We were just surprised that they were so off. They supposidly see a vet before they come to the No Kill Shelter.
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Looks like Im going to need a new
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she's a cutie! Congrats!!
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Oh she is too precious! I love how she's doing 'the puppy sit' in that kitchen one!
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Very cute! And awesome name
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Thanks everyone!!!
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To me she looks older than six weeks. She is so cute!!
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You think? hummm? Well the vet said between 6 and 8 weeks but they gave her a birthday of being 6 weeks yesterday.....I was hoping she was older for many reasons so to hear 6 weeks was very surprising, but she was saved by a rescue so I guess they all just guess but my vet said that her teeth tell alot as does her size. She does pretty good with the potty training so thats what makes me think maybe more like 8 weeks. She still has accidents but when we take her out she goes and she only goes in the house when we mess up and at night. Just because I dont want to crate her. Our other dog and her get along sooo well and during the day they are together all the time and she cries when they are separated. Even if they are in the same I decided to not do that. WE shall see if I change my mind. lol So far she only has two accidents at night and again thats my fault. Because I do fall asleep and slept four hours the first time and 3 the Im was going to attempt to paper train her but shes doing awesome during the day. So far today with her being up by 6am shes only had one poop accidents and NO Im very proud of her.
We are going camping in two and 1/2 weeks and she will be sleeping in our tent at night with us so Im trying to get her trained before At least for the most part trained. Dont want to wake up with poop on my
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Oh and you know in the pictures she does look bigger.......Shes just so tiny next to our Daisy. But even Daisy is only 25lbs.
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She's adorable!
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She is just precious!!
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She is adorable - I love her colouring and fuzz. Good for you for rescuing too!
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OMG, she is so pretty!
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what a doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks everyone!!! Shes growing like a weed
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