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kitten questions

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hi sorry to keep asking advice about tilly but she is not looking after her kittens very well the last 2 hours she has not been to see them,we took her and the new arrivalos to the vet today and the vet said it was all fine tilly is eating a bit better now but we are just worried how long can the kittens go with out milk?? she is just sat on the floor and the kittnes are asleep
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Hi and congrats on the new kitties!!!!
Im no expert here ..... as Im sure someone will come along who can advise you ......
But I wanted to say ..... when my Mother kitty had her babies..... she did not continuously stay in there with them ..... she would just go nurse and bathe them and then leave .......and they were all fine ....... I do not know how old your kittens are ..... My mother cat stayed with them more when they were first born and as days passed her time between to go in and nurse them were longer and longer.
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some cats will stay with the babies non stop. others will just go running when they need to be fed and either wander or sit outside the box until then. As long as she goes to them when they cry then all is fine.
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When I was worried Sneakers would not spend time with them, I just shut her and her babies in their room while I was not home. The babies will cry like crazy if they are hungry... and they will stay awake to cry for milk. All babies cry when they wake up, it's when they stay awake because they are hungry that you should be concerned, unless of course, they are so starved that they are lethargic due to not eating at all for long periods of time, but I doubt that's happening.

If she runs to them when they cry or looks concerned when you pick one up, she's probably taking care of everything fine. You could weigh them daily to make sure they are gaining weight if you are still concerned.

We want pics!
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thanx for all your replys they really did put are minds at ease 5 minutes ago she jumped on and started feeding them thank you so much you are all so friendly and helpfull
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awww the pic nursing is so sweet ..... keep taking lots of pictures .......they only stay little for a short time ...... post them for us to see too !!!!!
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