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Dumb phone company...ARGGHH

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They shut my home phone off! No notice or anything!! And thats the only way I can get online, so now until I get something figured out, I wont be on as much. (I can use my moms computer, but not as often as I want) I just paid them at the begninning of June!! So I am a bit confused~ I called there 1800 # and all it is is a recording and dont get you anywhere. UGGHH!! Dumb people anyways......
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Are you sure they purposely shut your phone off and it's not a malfunction with the line or something? Once contractors were doing some repairs in our building and they accidentally cut the phone line going into our apartment (actually they did it twice ) Is there no way to get to an operator when you get the automated message at the phone company? Maybe just keep pressing 0 and see what happens.
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Are they still in business?

wait - June?! Do you mean July? Some phone companies have crazy policies like this: if you don't have the payment for the bill in their paws by 5 pm on that date they feel they have every right to shut you off...no matter how good of a customer you were before.

PS, call the 800# back and press 0 for an operator.
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argh dont get me started on phone companys. Sorry you gotta deal with this.
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