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Depressing Day

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This has been a depressing day for me for 11yrs, My first hubby died on July 11,1995 at 50 years old, We were married for 34 yrs from the time I was 16. Although I'm remarried have been for 9 years It's alway's such a hard day for me. I thought about going to the Cemetery but all that does it depress me more I Love my new Hubby and he's very understanding and I am pretty much ok the rest of the year, July comes and I just feel so down, It just hasen't been the same at all. A few Vibes might help and would be appericated.. Thanks for listening .
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I don't imagine another July 11th will pass with out you feeling down. I hope you feel better soon!
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Please know you are being thought of.
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*sending you lots of vibes and hugs*
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Thanks Everyone, I wish I had planned to just go out somewhere other then to sit here and feel this way.
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Feel happy soon.
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just know he is with you spiriually.
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Vibes coming your way... maybe you could go with your new hubby and do a fun activity that you used to do with your first hubby? It might be a good way to remember him in a happy way and also make it meaningful with your present husband.

I hope you feel better soon.
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I'm so sorry. You are in my thoughts.
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I´m so sorry about all this... ...please don´t feel alone, TCS is here for you!

Don´t give up!
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I know the relationship is different, but I found out the hard way that even after 6 1/2 years losing my mother hasn't gotten any easier to deal with. I understand where you're at - January 27th is my July 11th.

No matter how long they are physically gone, losing someone you love that much doesn't really get easier. It just gets easier to see other things in your life. But there will always be days, or things, that will remind you of him.

I'm with you in spirit today, and offer a big cyber (((((HUG))))) and a shoulder if you need it.
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Many hugs for you
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Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} for comfort to you. My nephew was murdered on 6/28/92 and buried on 7/3/92. This is a tough time of year. The day after his burial was 4th of July, so I took his younger brothers & my girls swimming and to the fireworks show; no other adults would go with me, it was just too soon. It was too soon for me, too, but how could I keep the children in that house filled with sorrow??? We made a game of dedicating the next firework to such & such a person - it was fun, but since that day, 4th of July displays have a certain amount of painful memory for me.
IMO, your sadness is evidence of what a precious husband you lost. They say time heals, but love always remembers...Hugs, Susan
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[quote=valanhb]I know the relationship is different, but I found out the hard way that even after 6 1/2 years losing my mother hasn't gotten any easier to deal with.

This is the worst day for me, you just relive every minute of that day. I do usually get past alot of stuff, I used to go to the Cemetery all the time, His Birthday, Our Annaversary, all the Holidays untill I realized that it wasn't anymore so I had to stop it because It would ruin the day everytime.
I also know what you mean about your Mother My younger sister is still struggling some 20 years after we lost Mom, I don't think anyone has the right to tell you how long you shoud greive, I aslo know that no matter how hard it seems were still here still standing and choosing to move forward. I do miss alot about him we grew up together had 3 girls, I'm sorry that he never got the chance to finish what he wanted in his life, I'm so sorry that he never got to enjoy the Wonderful Grandkids as they grew, there now all teenagers, I know I'll be ok and so will everyone else that suffers a loss, there's just alway's something about the day they died that is so very hard...Thanks so much
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I am sorry. It is a sad day. It is raining and thundering over here.
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Thanks to everyone for such kind words
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I am keeping you in my thoughts. Just think of happy times you had with him, even though it's hard. Keep your chin up.
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My heartfelt sympathies to you during this time....I am sure it must be very hard to lose a beloved DH after being with them for so many years and of course every year you will mourn his passing. When I've lost a loved one, I take solice in that they are in heaven watching over me and I can send a message up to them for them to hear anytime I wish it.

I know that TCS as a community is here for you to cry to if you should need to doll.
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