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Yeah I just read about the 3rd season on the imdb.com trivia for buffy...I was trying to search online to see b/c that would be interesting since she didn't show up until season 5

But that is interesting about the episode you said...
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well next question:

What street does buffy live on?
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i found this info on watcherjunior.tv- its very interesting-

In the third season's Graduation Day Pt 2 a comatose Buffy is told in a dream: "Miles to go - Little Ms. Muffet counting down from 7-3-0." This refers to the inexplicable arrival of Buffy's sister Dawn in season five, which would lead to Buffy's sacrificial death at the end of that season - two years, or 730 days after this episode. This is reinforced by Buffy's dream in Restless (4022), a year later, as when looking at a clock reading 7:30 Buffy is told "That clock's completely wrong" (as her death is now only a few months away), and "Be back before dawn" - Dawn will come into existence in the next episode of the show (the first of the fifth season) and the statement can only be understood when reread in hindsight to understand its reference to the future character (Wilcox).

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Yeah I saw that when I was searching through....because I think Tara said the comment "be back before dawn"....and one theory is that the 7-3-0 was a reference to 730 days before that day she had died and then 730 days after she will die....interesting
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revello dr?
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Yep....you are good!!

does anyone have a question??
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Here is a toughie..

What is the masters real name?

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What is buffys fathers name?

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Okay 2 more-

who was buffy's 1st watcher in L.A.?

What is the name of buffys stuffed pig?

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Buffy's dad is Hank Summers

Master was Henrich Joseph Nest
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finally a buffy fanatic as nuts as me..LOL
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Yeah but I can't think of the stuffed pigs name .....and the first watcher ??

Let's just say I was "buffy" at halloween one year...I grew up with buffy since I was in middle school when it started
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Buffy kills Angelus while he is trying to awaken what demon?
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Mr Gordo is the pig and her 1st watcher is Merrick
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Acathla (*spelling)

***ok here is one***

What was willow's costume in the first halloween episode in which she gets turned into??

Bonus: she techinally had two costumes name both.
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she turned into a ghost but was originally dressed like some kind of hooker in a mini skirt and tight half shirt...not sure who she was supposed to be though...LOL
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what was the name of the restaurant where buffy worked when she ran away?
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Yes...I think she was suppose to be a hooker but she was too shy so she wore a sheet...remember that is one of the first times oz sees her, because she walked infront of his van...I thought that was soo cute because he was like "Who is that girl!"
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i know I loved Oz!!!! When she wanted him to kiss her and he said no cause she was trying to get back at xander because in his dreams she really wanted to kiss him and it was like "Freeze frame, willow kissage"

So cute!!
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In the episode where Willow and Xander get caught kissing- what does Oz give willow in school?
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Originally Posted by Crys12065
In the episode where Willow and Xander get caught kissing- what does Oz give willow in school?
A witch Pez !!
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What was the name of the teacher who Giles had liked for a while....and what happens to her?
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jenny calander....she is a gypsy from the tribe who gave angel his soul....angel breaks her neck when he turns into angelus
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Yep...and that is how his soul is restored...b/c willow finds the disk that had the information on it...this is bringing back so many memories of the show...I have forgotten a lot of this
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I remember that's one of the reasons I could never really like Angel again, after what he did to Jenny Calendar. And leaving her in Giles' house like that?! Brutal.
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Yeah I know...that was so sad.

Didn't xander have a thing for Mrs. Calendar?
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I can't remember if he did for Ms Calendar, but he did have a thing for that teacher that turned out to be a giant insect and tried to eat him.
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I might be thinking about that episode.


Who/what were the 3 assassins that were sent to kill Buffy. Hint this is when she meets Kendrah.
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Originally Posted by Yarra
I would say three. if I remember correctly.

and The Master

Yes? No?

Yes (wow this thread has practically doubled since I last posted)...I'm going to have to read through it all now.
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The Order of oh gracious...I can't remember, but one was a Bug Man, one was this Demon dude, and the other was the Cop.

Got it, the Order of Tarachus (sp)

The Bug man actually initally attacked Xander and Cordelia and that's when they first kissed.


What does Buffy say in her speech to Dawn in 'The Gift' about the hardest part of this world? When does it get repeated?
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