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I'm new and a quick question

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Hi all,

My name is Liz and I have 2 mixed breed female cats. Tessy is 16 months old, and Zekie is 10 months old. They are still my little kittens.

Tessy and Zekie get along wonderfully well with Tessy being the dominant cat in the family. They play fight a lot and chase eachother around, and usually it's not a huge problem.

Last night my husband noticed a fairly big bleeding spot on Tessy. Looking at it today (I was asleep last night when he noticed it). The bleeding had stopped, and the bruise looks like it is about a 1/2 cm long by a 1/2 cm tall, and is circular in shape on her face near her nose.

I'm concerned about it, and my vet office is closed today. I don't want to bring her to an emergency place if I'm over-reacting about it.

My real cause for concerned, is Tessy found a way to get up on top of our tall china cabinet (where we keep the bag of catnip). She's been jumping up there all weekend and then jumping down. So I'm concerned that the injury happened when she jumped down to the floor.

I'm sorry my first post is so serious, but I don't know what to do. Should I just use some peroxide and clean up the wound? Or is this something that is emergency vet worthy?
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Please no peroxide for deap wounds. If it is a cat bite it can be very dangerouse because of bacteria in their mouths. Either way since the wound is on her face personally I would bring her to the emergcency vet.

Better to be safe than sorry.
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What is the nature of the wound--is it a puncture, or a scrape? If it's a puncture, I'd take her to the emergency vet today, because it's probably a bite, and infection could set in quickly. But if it's a scrape... Well, when in doubt, I always err in favor of a vet visit, but I'd always rather they see their regular vet than the emergency vet. Is your vet's office open tomorrow? If it is, and it doesn't look like a bite, then I would call today and leave a message that you'd like to bring her in to regular office hours tomorrow, and in the meantime just keep a close watch on the wound and make sure it isn't festering or anything. If it's not too close to her eye, you might want to also dab on a little Neosporin if she'll let you. (My vet recommended Neosporin for scrapes and scratches and such.)
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My husband looked at it more carefully then I did. It was circular in size, and the quick look that I took at it this morning it didn't look like a puncture wound at all, and it doesn't look like a deep wound. It looked more like a skinned knee would look on a human, but much smaller, and on the side of her nose not too terribly close to her eye.

In the meantime, I'm having my friend call her vet, because I don't want to call random vets, since my vet is closed on Tuesdays, and depending on what her vet says, I'll either leave an emergency message with my vet, or go see her vet.

Thanks for the advice.
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why no peroxide?
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My friend's vet isn't concerned about it at all, and told me to just watch out for infections, and make sure it doesn't get puffy.

Thanks again
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Glad it's not serious. My kitties occasionally get ouchies too--they're like kids.
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It is preferable that you keep the catnip in the canister. The catnip loses potency in the bag more quickly.
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Here's a picture of the wound....Its on her left side of her face, and closer to the eye then I remember

Poor baby.
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats
why no peroxide?
Peroxide burns the tissue (just as it does in humans). If you do use peroxide you must water it down.
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