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New Login

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Hi guys,

Just thought I'd let you know I changed my login from Ghyslaine to "Whisker's mom" I think she deserves a little credit here and I haven't talked about her much lately, she's been really good.... Aside from me putting a collar on her for the first time in her life. She's been trying to get it off of her for 4 days now. I just want to be able to bring her outside with me. I never let her out for fear of her taking off because she was a stray.... Anyways, I'm thinking she'll calm down soon.

(I have issues with my name, never did think it was a "cute girl's name" more like an "old aunt's name". Seeing it up there everytime I posted something (which is only occasionally......) kind of freaked me out.
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Now we'll never remember how to spell your name! LOL Guess you will just have to be G.
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I thought I was in the Twilight Zone! You disappeared while I took a nap, and Whisker's Mom showed up. What do your friends call you, or would you rather not say? I was so used to Ghy------(I don't want to write it out because it freaks you out) that I am going to miss her! Gee, G, did you have to do that?
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For what it's worth, I think it is a very unique name. It sounds like it should be among the likes of Guinivere and Morgana. The only other time I ever saw it was a lady-in-waiting at a Renissance Fair.
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I had been wondering how you pronounced your named but now that I know you are not fond of it I guess I wont. Do you like your middle name?
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Hi everyone!

Wow.....I am touched. Not a problem if you want to use my name. Some do. It's Ghyslaine. I've gone through people trying to pronounce it and saying "Justlyn" so I ended up being called "Lynn" through high school. Then I was called Guylaine (hate that!) and now, at work, I have become known as "G".

Jeanie, I'm so sorry, I didn't realise people would even care since I am so brand new here. Please, use whichever name you prefer: as long as I get a smiley face next time! I don't like the crying one!

I think it's the 'Welcome back Ghyslaine' each time I logged on that bothered me the most.

I can't, however use my nickname (G) to identify my parking spot at work. My co-workers get a kick out of the fact that they really want to identify my parking "spot" with my initial........guess I can win either way! (No offence anyone.....I'm just proving that either or, I still get picked on!)
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Sabra: my middle name is Marguerite....so, no, I didn't really like it but: When I was in grade 4, I told all my friends my name was Marguerite because I didn't like my real name. Kids made fun of it back then. Maybe that's why I have issues..... Anyways, my dad found out about this because I was actually handing in homework under this new name. I had to write out: My name is not Marguerite, it's Ghyslaine (100 times).
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I was wondering who Whiskers mom was, in the thread about the secret santa gifts...now I know!!!
I guess I will refer to you as G. then.
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Hi G

It's awful when you get laughed at for your name. My proper name is Yolanta. And I so hate it - it's so 'fluffy'. That's why I always use Yola instead.

My original surname is Polish (lots of z's and consonants). Put together, the teachers used to have major problems pronouncing both names and the kids used to fall about laughing.

Being a shy flower, this gave me a real complex.

However, as time's gone on (I'm 37 now), I found having a 'wierd' name is a good point onf conversation, and it also means you get remembered.

My problem is I have 3 cats. It would get a bit mad if I signed myself 'Firenza. Baliero and Ferdinand's mum!!' all the time . . .nes pa?

BTW - have we seen any pictures of Whiskers yet?
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I'm glad I read this post because I was getting really confused. I saw this Whisker's mom charactor and I said "Who are you and what have you done with G?!"

LOL Glad to see you didn't vanish G.
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Yola, I have pictures ready to post of Whiskers. Now, all I need, is to figure out how to attach pictures.. I'm pretty stubborn and always think: I can figure out how all by myself but I am slowly gravitating towards the "Computer Questions....."thread.

Guess I should be letting people know in the other forums too about my name change. Sorry...... Anne did specify I do this!
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I completely understand about name issues. Most people can't pronounce it when they first read it; I used to hate the first day of school. When I answer the phone at work I say, "Birkman International, this is Sabra." Here is how it goes some time:

me: "Birkman International, this is Sabra."

them: "Who?"

me: "Sabra"

them: "What!"

me: "Saybruh, how can I help you."

Then my maden name was Fell. I had trouble all through school with both names. I would get, "Sabra Tooth Tiger, Buick LeSabra, Sabra Sword." Then with my last name I would get, "Sabra Fell down the stairs," "Did it hurt?" "Have a nice trip?"

Even while I was in college I would get a few snickers about my last name.
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I just had to share with you what some evil (but clever) boy at school called me once.

I was sooooo embarrassed at the time, but now it just make me laugh.

My maiden name was PROCZKOWSKA (pronounced Prochkovska). Yeh - bad huh?

Anyway, this smartarse called me Yola Porkchopska.

It even makes me smile reading it back now.

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My last name is Krick. I know it seems so simple, so easy. I can't tell you how many times it has been mispelled. Crick is the most common, but I have also gotten Kricky, Kricks, Knick, Hrich. People seem to have trouble saying it, too.

And the jokes. Brenda River, Brenda Stream, I have a Krick in my neck. . . you get the idea. They would say it like it was the funniest thing, and they were sooo original.

My favorite though was from a really funny guy I used to work with. He called me Tales from the Krick. That was original.
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G- for a minite there you confused me! (I am easily confused!)
I am sure Whisker's appreciates it though! Personally I love your real name. (I give it the french pronounciation.) Do you live close to the Quebec border?

Ady was my nickname growing up - I used to be called lemonady.
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Hey G~

I am used to calling you that by now. Obviuosly, since it's the net, I had no fears about mispronouncing it, but I didn't want to misspell it. I am a fanatic about having my name misspelled. By last name is long and Italian, so it gets massacred on a daily basis. My maiden name was subject to every joke in the book, and then some. You can't win, no matter what you do.
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You guys are too funny!!!!! Guess my name isn't all that bad.

Please don't feel I am repeating myself over and over, I will post my login change in the 2 other forums I am currently subscribed to just to let everyone know. Just skip over the "New Login" posts because........it'll just be me again. (don't want you guys getting too sick of me!)

Sabra, I hear you. Everyone asks me how to pronounce my name and I'll repeat it 2-3 times, then it's the "How do you spell it" question and finally, to top it off, when I say my last name : Smeall, it throws fuel to the fire and I have to go through the "No, it's not s.m.e.l.l it's s.m.e.a.l.l. **sigh** Should we talk about last names now, although my stories are not as funny as some I've read!

Ady, I am close to Quebec (20 minutes from Cornwall-where I work) and near the border to the States. The bridge is actually 2 minutes from work. I am originally from Quebec (Ste.Foy) and years ago......Burlington. I moved around alot prior to settling down here in Apple Hill.
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The weird thing is that both my names are short.... four letters.... but you wouldn't believe the trouble people have pronouncing them and spelling them!!! First name is Rhea (pro: Ree-ah)....... I have had about a billion different spellings of it which really bugs me (Ria, Rea, Reah, Riah, Rhia,etc etc) .... but my married name is Juby....(pro: jewbeee), and the spellings for that are hysterical!! I've had Ruby, Jewby, Dewby, Duby, Dueby, Geoby etc etc etc etc... the list goes on!! And even my maiden name, which was Crisp.... was massacred often, turned into Krisp, Chrisp, Khrisp, Cresp and goodness knows what else..... oh and of course, the "oh so funny" jokes which I'd never ever heard before.... nooooo... like "Crisp as in Walkers?" "Oh you're Rhea Cheese and Onion" (or any other flavour you fancy)
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