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any computer people out there?

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I don't know what the heck is going on and I'm not awake enough to figure this out...

I woke up this morning to find my computer off. Ok, I thought, no biggie sometimes the power flickers and turns my computer off. So I turn my computer back on.. won't connect to the internet. Getting the "network cable unplugged" error message.

I have the standard cable modem/router (not wireless... yet ) with two computers plugged into the router. Mine isn't working, my bf's is (good thing he's asleep so I have a chance to use his while I fix mine!)

Checked all the cables, everything is plugged in and clicked into place. Restarted the router and cable modem.... still getting the error message. I've run through pretty much all the obvious solutions, so now I'm hoping someone could think of something I might miss or not even think about... cuz pretty soon this thing is going out the window

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Sometimes after a power outage I have to reset the cable modem and router a few times, then reboot.

Also, some cable modems have a standby button in stupid places, make sure you haven't accidently pushed it during your reset.
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Ok, I'll try restarting them a few times... I think I only did it twice.

But if the standby button were pushed in, would his computer still be able to connect? I think it would take out both of them but it's only taking out mine.
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Hopefully it didn't take out your network card.
Standby pushed would take out the whole network, but frequently, only one of ours can get online after an outage, resetting everything a few times always works for me.
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Well it wasn't the standby button, but you definitely sent me in the right direction! There's a normal/uplink button on the back of the router that someone had pushed in (either me during my restarts or the bf if he restarted the router last night... ). When I set it back to normal, voila! Internet here I come!

Thank you thank you thank you!

Editors note: No computers were actually thrown out the window during the making of this thread.
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