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New cat pictures contest !

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Ok... let's have some fun!

I want to start a new "caption this picture" feature on the forums. I'll ask forum members for funny and original captions for funny cat pics. Then we'll hold a poll to decide which is the best caption which I'll then insert onto the picture and publish as an e-card (when I have several captioned pics ready).

I think this can be lots of fun! Of course contributors will be given full credit for the photo and can a link back to their website from the thread where the picture will be.

If you have a unique or funny cat picture that you think I can use please email it to me with your details to When I get the first pictures I will set up a sepcial sub-forum for that in the lounge.

Please make sure that these are original pictures that are copyrighted to you! If you're not the photographer or you don't have their consent to use the photos please do not send them to me!

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What a great idea!!!!

I just sent you one, but I don't know how funny it can use it, or not. it may not be e-card material either..i'm not a very good photographer, and you would need to zoom in on it, so the rest of the mess in the room (it was taken in the kids room) doesn't show. :laughing:
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Awwww... I have the perfect picture for this and I can't post it!!!
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I just sent 2 because I coulnd't choose, maybe Anne can do it
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I'll be sending one later tonight that is just priceless!
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Oooooo... thanks for the ones I already got - they're great! If all goes well I'll sit down to it this evening.

Jessica - you don't have to post them here - just email the pictures over to me!
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Get in there and post some good captions!
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I did already...Question, can I post a caption on our pics?
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Ok, I posted, disqualify me if I'm not allowed...
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Anne I'd love to send them over to you but my scanner is on the fritz and I don't have the pictures already on my PC.
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I'm sending some right now!!
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Sounds fun! Great idea! I sent you a picture of Scooter and Tigger for now.
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Cool idea!

I sent three pics. I don't expect you to use them all, but I couldn't decide .
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Hi there,
I just sent in a few pictures of Spike also. It's so hard to choose!
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Hehe... I got lots of funny cat pics now, all waiting to be posted in their time (I'll try and add one daily).

Please keep them coming everyone! Now that the forum is all set - I'm unsticking this message.

Thank you all!
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