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Samuel has developed a new obsession with the dog crates lately. We crate train our pups and every time one of them comes out of their crate Sam is right there running inside. He goes in and puffs up in a kitty ball and just sits there until we take him out. The other day he was sitting in the back and we didn’t see him when we put our Lab pup in her crate before we left. He ended up spending nearly three hours in there with her while we were out. You would think three hours in a small space with a hyper Lab pup would of taught him his lesson! But no the boy continues to go in there when the pups are not home. We have started to close the younger ones door when she comes out but the older pups door is removed because she has free roam of the house and uses hers as her den. I would like Sam to respect her space and stay out because it highly dis-pleases our Princess to find “the male feline specimen†in her den. That’s what she calls him. Hehe

BTW on a side note he was fine after spending that time in the crate. We had the vet check him over just to be sure. All she did was slobber on him lol poor guy!


Why might he be doing this?

How can we get him to stop?

Thanks Guys!