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Daily Thread Tuesday July 11/06

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Morning all!!

What on the agenda for your Tuesday?

I have to head out of town for work today, looks like a couple of busy days ahead, I hope the weather co-operates with me!!

Have a great day!
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Morning to you too

I have absolutely nothing on my plate today. Just a regualr workday with nothing interesting going on.
I'm going to the gym after work which should be fun..I keep having dreams about a guy that works there, and so now when I see him I'm all flustered Oh well, he doesn't know our dreamy history

Anyway, I gotta grab a shower and get ready, have a great day cat lovers.
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Good Morning! Well I have gone from not wanting to go to my sister's bridal shower to it being held at my house. But that is ok. My only sister and only one wedding. So more planning for me!!

Have a great day everyone!
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I was awake at 3AM and finally got up at 4AM. And I was hungry for a Big Mac. Luckily we bought a couple of extras last night so I had one for breakfast.

Otherwise a quiet day and I will probably watch a Star Trek DVD.

And yell at Ari for shredding a catalog.
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Afternoon all!
I'm back at work today after quite a few hectic days off, so just catching up on everything! Also trying to catch up on TCS but it just isn't happening
Have a great day all!
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Good Morning Gang!

Ok, first of all, who changed the order of the smilies on the right hand side of the reply box? I was looking for the waving smiley, and it's not in the usual place???

Anywho, last night was a lazy one for me... I did nothing other than play with LuckyGirl...it's sad to say, but I think she is becoming a teenager. Wait, where's the crying smilie??? I am sooo confused. So, she no longer wants to sit on our laps and cuddle, she only wants to play. So we played for a few hours last night, she was exhausted by the time we were done.

Today, all I have to do is laundry, there is not 1 towel left in my linen closet.

Have a great day everyone!
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Well today like every tuesday this Summer is Margarita Night !!!

My husband and I meet all of our friends at a mexican resturant called Sol Azteca and we eat, drink, and have a lot of fun!! I always get the Strawberry margarita's b/c they have the best margarita's I have tasted (except in Cozumel). I love tuesday's because we meet around 5pm and then hang out afterwards till like midnight.....
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Good morning all!

Just another Tuesday here - its really rainy and icky tho No fun!

Last night John & I went and got 2 new fish for our 55 gallon tank, some kitty litter and some of the fun necessities of life I came home and typed up my resume and cover letter for the new job I'm applying for, which was fun Yeah, right!

Not much planned for today, but thats alright, I have cleaning to do around home, oh joy

Have a great day everyone!!
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Well McKenzie sent me the rain-its looks like its going to miss up again!!! I watered for three hours this am-will water tonite and tomorrow early before the hot spell hits us on Thursday.
Did some weeding and washin gmy garden shed windows-they were pretty dirty!! Have to ru to grocery store as I want to make cherry crisp but don't have any oatmeal cereal.
Nothing much else going one.
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We are on a water restriction here in Alabama....so we will get fined if we water outside on the days that are not assigned to us....which we can only water on tuesday and Friday for 2 hours
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