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Took Four to the vet

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Four went to the vet today. He had a fever when we got there, but the vet said that it might just be from the stress from the car ride and the heat. So I have to check it tomorrow morning. I also talked to her because he's had loose stools, so she put him on an antibiotic just incase. But if his fever doesn't go down and he stops gaining weight I have to have him tested for Feline Lukemia. I'm not to worried about it though, because he's gotten more meet on his bones since I found him two weeks ago, but he's also still only 2.8 pounds and you can still feel his ribs.

He is doing good though, he finally decided to use the soil (litter) box for the first time yesterday and has used it three times total. I did go out and get him a second litter box though, because he ALWAYS pees when he gets on my bed. So I think he might be one of those cats that needs one to pee in, and one to poop in. He's the most stubornest cat I have ever known!! LoL
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I'm so glad you got him to the vet. Did they take a stool sample and/or a urine sample and is he getting a blood test? I know you're constrained financially, but I just didn't remember where things stood.

I'm so glad to hear he's starting using the box!

Also - I don't want to sound like a broken record, especially if you already know this information - but to clean anywhere he's peed, you are using an enzyme cleaner? Even on the mattress?

When we had a cat with a peeing problem, when she peed on the bed, we would douse the mattress pad, blankets and sheets with the enzyme cleaner and then wash them with more enzyme cleaner. THEN we would wash them normally. We would also douse the mattress - making sure we entirely covered any area the pee might have gone - with enzyme cleaner, cover it with a folded towel, and change that every day (under the mattress pad) until the whole thing was dry.

The most important thing is to completely remove the smell from kitty's perspective, and conventional cleaners just don't do it.

We've found that this is an excellent product: http://www.nokout.com/odor.html

Let them know you heard of the product at TCS and that it's for a rescue, and they'll provide a discount.

...and because he's still a kitty, maybe you want to keep him in the bathroom until he's using the boxes?

So - other than worms or something, without having tests back, vet thought he seemed OK? No problem with his anal glands?

And again - (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) for rescuing this little guy!

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Right now she doesn't think there's any reason to worry about getting blood tests. When we took him in she did give us an antibiotic since he had a fever (which she said could've been from the car ride there) and he's had diarhea. But all my cats at the moment are on worm medacine since one of my other cats have it. After a lot of stubborness back and forth he is finally soil trained. We're trying to mix the soil with the kitty pine at the moment though. Which he doesn't seem to mind. But right now we're trying to get all 3 kittens there shot and fixed, and we also got to get one of our other cats fixed before she has another litter. I'm afraid she might be pregnant again so I got to get that done SOON. Cats are more work that I realized...LoL...but they're well worth it.
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What great news! Thanks for the update! I'm sooooooo glad he's using the box. When there's a "box problem," it IS a lot of work - and one that can really wear on the nerves. But I'm glad you think it's worth it!

We had a kitty that needed shots every day - and we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it. We had him at the vet's EVERY DAY for months. Then it was every other day. Then it was every week. This was over a period of two years!

And boy do I remember worming meds. Our cats had a resistant strain, so the pills we went through didn't work. Then we had to give them a mix of different liquid meds. Our house had cat medicine splattered everywhere. What a nightmare.

It can be very demanding. And I think you're wonderful for seeing it through!

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