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is it normal for cats to get sick a lot?

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my cat gets sick a lot. I think its from his kitty food. does any1 have any suggestions to what kind of food i should try using? suggest some sensitive stomach food please!
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Yes, cats do throw up a lot, but there's generally a good reason. Mine do it when they're either introduced (all at once instead of gradually) to new food, or when there is just a particular food that doesn't agree with them even after a slow intro. over a week or so. You have to figure out which is the problem. Of course they can also get sick from eating the wrong thing (not food) they pick up somewhere, and because they are actually ill with something that needs a vet visit.
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My youngest does. She's the 'Queen of Puke". She goes and gorges on her food and then runs around throwing up until she coughs up a hair ball. She refuses to take that hairball stuff from the vets and I've tried putting it on her paw, but all she does is wipe her paw all over the rug and furniture. I even tried just plain Vaseline and butter. She likes the butter she doesn't take enough of it to make a difference. So I gave up. I just let her gorge and puke and then I clean it up after it dry so it doesn't leave stains on my rug.
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I feel the opposite- I don't think it is normal at all for a cat to throw up a lot. If one does then their food needs to be changed as they are likely allergic to one of the ingredients. Constant vomiting robs the body of nutrients and irritates the throat and is a pain to deal with. It is a symptom is something being wrong.

Determining what new food to try depends on what they are having a bad reaction to. My suggestion would be to try a food developed for use on sensitive animals like "California Natural".
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You can prevent gorging in a few ways.
A larger kibble size, or putting food in a narrow container so that they can only fish out one piece at a time.

Gorging is a pretty common cause of vomiting.
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My cat eats normally and doesn't have any problems. I feed her a high quality veterinarian food that I buy at the vet's. I know when she's going to throw up a hairball though because she will go to her dish and gobble up the entire contents, and then proceed to go and throw up. Otherwise she eats normally and keeps her food down. Gorging on her food once a day or once in 2 days, is her way of getting rid of her hairballs. I don't proclaim to undestand it. She's a quirky cat with a number of odd habits, LOL
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Talk with your vet

for the kitty on RX food try elevating the dish
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My cats rarely got sick. Occasionally they would throw up, but not often. Most times if you feed cheaper foods or ones with dye in them (like Meow Mix) the cats will have problems - especially the dye foods.

I'm sure if you get a higher quality food you will have less problems. Try something like Iams, Science Diet, Nutro Max or similar.
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Thanks for all your good advice. I will ne going to the vet today because my cat also pees on the carpet. so I will be sure to ask the vet about the vomiting issue. thanks
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one of my cats throws up alot and i got worried so i took it to the vet.. and the vte said if it is in a line it is hairball even if there isnt any hair and the vet suggested senior cat food and she said the cause of so much sick is either hairballs or gulping her food down fast. may i suggest cat grass as this helps the digestion. if this carries on i would take your cat for a trip to the vet better being safe
keep posted x
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oh thanks you...but i went to the vet today and she said that the reason he pees is because he has tiny micrscopic crystals in his urine. its called crystaluria. and its related to what they eat, so she told me to stick to a specific diet and i fed him tonight and he was perfectly fine. thanks to all for the advice. i will keep posted even if i dont have any more problems with my cats! haha luv u guys! thank you!!!
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