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Rowdy gets dunked

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Well, it finally happened. Rowdy is fascinated by people in the tub or shower. She walks around the edge of the tub and peeks around the shower curtain. We knew that it was only a matter of time, before she fell in. I was taking advantage of a morning of leisure, to have a soak and shave my legs. Rowdy was supervising, from the edge of the tub. She decided to circumnavigate it and slipped. Her entire hind end wound up in the tub with me. I grabbed her, before she could go under and put her on the bathmat. Needless to say, this was one unhappy kitty. She went out into the hall and glared back at the tub. She has managed to get herself pretty much dried off but I don't think she'll sit or walk on the tub again.
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You'd be surprised! She will be back. When I am in the hot tub I have a lot of feline company on the ledge. I ended up putting a towel there so they have better footing and now they just lay there and wonder what mom is doing in such a big bowl of hot water.
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Don't be surprised! My toonces did the exact same thing and still came back to visit me in the shower. Once I lived in a house that had a ledge shelf at the back of the tub that was level with the tub. The shower water didn't reach that far back so she would come in and sit on it while I showered.
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I have one that really loves water too & Daisy took a dunk in the bath with me on Friday. She loved it!!! I had a feeling she would because whenever I take a shower she sits between the curtain & the tub and slowly eases her way out until eventually she is soaked. On Friday she was easing her way into the tub when she finally slipped & fell in. It was only about 2-3 inches of water but she loved it!! I was more scared then she was. I tell you it's like having todlers. They get into EVERYTHING!!!!When I scooped her out she just sat on the edge cleaning herself and as the water rose she started up again pawing at the bubbles and dipping her paws in. This is really cute but I will never leave my tub unattended!!! If nothing else she is a very clean kitty!!!:jarswim: :daisy:
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I don't think Rowdy liked her dunking, too well. She's not the first cat that I've had in the tub. Several years ago, I had a cast on my leg and had to bathe with my leg hanging over the side of the tub. Itty Bit would sit on the toilet and lick my bare toes. Being a ticklish sort, this drove me nuts!
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My friend's kitty, Bitten, always kept her company when she was in the tub. She liked bubble baths, and more than once Bitten thought for sure he could just walk on all those white things (didn't *look* like water!) to see Mom. OK, so Bitten wasn't the smartest but he made up for it in cute!
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My friend loves to go home in the evening and read in a bubble bath. She had this beautiful white cat that always sat on the edge of her huge tub. She left her bath unattended and when she came back, there was kitty, playing happily in the bubbles and running under the faucet. She started leaving it for a few minutes to see if it was a 1 time thing. Every time kitty would play. Some of the people at work didn't believe her, so she set up a video camera. It was so cute! The kitty jumped into the tub, smacked the bubbles, and ran several times under the faucet, threw her head back to wet her cheeks and chin, and rolled on her back. As the water got higher, she would just stand and let it run over her. When the bubbles started to get too high, my friend took her out. When we watched the tape, at the end, she looked right into the camera, and all you could see was big brown eyes. Priceless!
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Rowdy must not have been too put off. Later, in the afternoon, she was doing laps in the (empty) tub.
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