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Where I am now

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Hi all!
I have been very busy. I was moved out of my house and into my parents by July 1st. I am still unpacking and rummaging old things as I write this. It has been a very difficult road so far. Tim served me with divorce papers on July
5th, 2 days before my birthday! I thought that was pretty rude!!! I talked to him on my birthday because our old checking account was OD and they took money out of my account to cover that. While talking to Tim, he told me he sent divorce papers because I didn't put up a good enough fight for him!! I couldn't believe he had the nerve to say that to me!! Well, I came to realize that he truely is a loser, and can not wait until this is all over!!!
I have a great lawyer and she is working with me as if I were her only client! My parents are helping me every way they can. My friends are being super supportive. They took me out for my birthday and I had the greatest time!
Well, I am tired and I will try to get on TCS more! I love you all!!!
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I'm sorry - this sounds so tough.

Take care of yourself.
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Glad to hear everything is going okay! hang in there!
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Sorry to hear that the road has been so rough for you latley Erin. But you have a wonderful positive attitude about all of it, and it's great to hear you have such a strong support system. It was great to hear from you
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That stinks! I had a guy break up with me the day before my birthday. I think guys that do anything that's BAD around someone else's birthday are losers too!
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What a jerk to serve you with papers before your birthday. I am glad to see you have such a great attitude about all of this though! Best of luck to you during the process!
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It sounds like he might have given you the best birthday gift he could have ever given if he is being such a jerk. I know it is a rough road, breaking up is a big upheaval in your life, even if it is what you want. Good luck on getting settled in to your new life.
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Not the most sensitive thing to do, but it means that you are able to move forward. Hang in there Erin and soon everything will settle down.
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Hi there, I'm new to TCS from March, but I just wanted to say "hang in there". It sounds like you've been having a really rough time. I'm glad you had a good birthday, your friends sound like good ones to have around at a time like this.

We are here for you if you need to talk
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So sorry you are going through such a tough time. Just try to remember that eventually things will get better.... try to keep positive! And remember to lean on your friends & family for a support system when you need to! Good luck, sending you healing vibes {{{{{{{{goodthoughts}}}}}}}}}
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Erin, it's good to see you around again. I agree with the poster that said he probably gave you the best birthday present ever! Sounds like you have your head on right and are moving on with your life. We're all rooting for you girl!
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Hi Erin! Its good to see you back again!

I can't believe he's being such a jerk - but like everyone else said - what a good birthday present! You can now go on with your life - HAPPY!

Good luck with everything, we're all here for you!
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We are all pulling for you Erin!
Sounds like you are on the right track, and you will become a stronger person now!
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That's a tough one for sure...But my thought is alway's look at it as HIS LOSS, Good luck and just keep moving forward.
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Nah... I think this is just his way of getting out of buying you a present

(Just hoping I could get you to crack a smile in this hard time)

But really, if that's the way he's going to be, you really are better off without him. Now you can go forward, find yourself again and then find someone who truly compliments that. Best of luck to you!
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Hopefully things are looking up for you. Sounds like you have a good support base.
Keep smiling...
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It's good to hear from you! I'm sure things will be better once you get through all this stuff! Hang in there!
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Thanks guys!!! You all Rock!!
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AARRGGHH! The "dump em on their birthday" routine I had that happen to me on my birthday once - at the time I was devastated, but now realize that it was such a mean-spirited thing to do, what was I thinking?? even wasting a whimper on the jerk :doh:
I read your birthday post before I read this - Erin, I admire your SPIRIT!! Your cats must be very, very PROUD!
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