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I'm so proud of myself...

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Tonight I clipped all of the kittens claws. They were 4 weeks old yesterday, and the claws were like daggers. My sweet little girl needed a Band-Aid after playing with them last night. I got out the baby safety clippers and a towel and finished the job. I have never clipped a cats nails before (my parents always had declawed cats. I know, I know. ) I need to post some pics tomorrow as they are the most beautiful kittens I've ever seen!
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I did my first clipping at two weeks. Some of them just sat there fairly calmly, others screamed bloody murder. Hopefully they will be better about it this week.
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Ok I have never done this before. When is the best time to do it? and exactly what should I do?

I dont want to hurt my babies but their claws are really sharp. I was watching them yesterday and was worried they were going to scratch their little eyes as they were rubbing their faces. The kittens are now 17 days old.

Emma x
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I bet you could do it now. I found the baby safety clippers to be perfect for the job because they have a bigger grip for me and smaller clippers than even regular fingernail clippers. I just wrapped them in a towel, leaving one paw out. Of course, the other paws slipped out a few times. They didn't seem to mind at all. I cut only the very tips of the nail, not anywhere close to the pink, I was too afraid.
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Just be very careful - you only need to nip the tips off - don't cut them back too far like on an adult. When I do very young kittens, I let them keep all 4 feet on my lap (wearing jeans). Later as they get bigger, I start to train them to lay on their backs or my stomach to clip.

By the time they are adults, they are easy to flip to the layed back position and do all 4 feet
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ok I finally managed to pluck up the courage to do it.....LOL

It went very well, I just nipped the sharp point off at the end but by gosh did they wail. I think it was more to do with the fact I had them wrapped up and they couldnt move more than anything else. Momma cat came and had a nosy at what I was doing then went back to washing the others.

Thanks for the advice guys......It worked a treat.

x x x x x x
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arghhh i didnt know u had 2 clip tere nails im gonna have 2 pluck up alot of courage 2 do that helpppppp lol

shell x
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