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New job jitters...

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Hey everyone... So, I finally found a new job... No more S&S for me! After I got suspended I decided to just get another job and forget about going back... a friend of mine got me a job with his company as a security dispatcher... I'm thrilled!! It's wayy more money than I was making at S&S.. and it's supposed to be full time...

I start training tomorrow and I'm a little nervous... but I'm excited, too... once I start making some actual money things will start to ease up a little... altho, I just found out that I might have to move by september... but I'm not going to stress that just yet... for now, I'm just going to worry about getting thru this week of training... and pray that afterwards they'll offer me a full-time position...

Wish me LUCK!!
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good luck!
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good luck! you'll do great!!!
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Woohooooo!! Good luck and congrats on the new job!!

You'll do great
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Good luck at the new job!!!
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Now, deep breath - you'll do just fine !!!!!!!!
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Congratulations LIZ!!!!! and good luck of course!
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Thank you for the luck everyone!! I guess it really helped! I just got home and I feel really good about everything... I learned a lot... I tend to pick up quickly when people show me or tell me things so, I was able to catch on... After the way today went I'm sure it wont take me long to really get into the swing of things because I have the procedures down pretty well... It's not brain surgery or anything... lol I'm sure it will get hectic but honestly, I'm used to that from being at S&S...

You have no idea how happy I am to be out of there... altho it kinda bothers me that people are saying I was fired... I wasnt fired!! I was suspended pending a meeting with the union and I chose not to go back when I got this job.. I put in my resignation and I didnt go back.. but because no one knows what's going on they're claiming that I was fired... which kinda aggravates me... but oh well.. I'm making more money than all of them now lol YAY

Is it bad that I have my first two checks already spent?!? and it's really not for bills either! lol... Adrian's bday is coming and it's gonna cost me a mini-fortune... hehe
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I'm glad to hear that your first day went well!!
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Great to hear that your 1st day went so well!
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Great news about the job!!
Sounds like the old co-workers are jealous! Not to mention gossipy and ILL-INFORMED/IGNORANT ... and you get the last laugh!
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you're absolutely right! they're all jealous... starting with my customer service manager... he was threatened by me the minute I walked into that place because he knew that I had been in the company a long time and I knew what I was doing.. My old manager had give him a shining recommendation for me so he knew that he was getting someone who was good.. and he and my other managers were all scared that I would take their job... oh well... I'm just glad I'm out of there... altho I actually do miss the job itself... cuz I liked what I was doing...

anyway... I'm off to work again today... I'm trying to get in as many hours as possible because I seriously need the money.... I hate being broke
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Yay! I am glad it went well for you!!
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Thanks for all the good luck wishes everyone!! Today was my 3rd day and everything is going great! I'm learning a lot and they're putting me on the schedule permenantly as of next week!! I'm soo happy I could cry! lol... I finally feel like something is working out...

I had a 'pop quiz' from one of the managers today and he said I did really well... that I knew a lot more than most people after the amount of time that I've been there and that when I didnt know something in totality that I had a general idea, which was good...

I can already see that some of the other girls might be getting a little jealous because they're noticing that our Account Manager really likes me and they all hate him... but I'm tryin to let them think I'm kissing his ass because he needs to like one of us back here and he wont come down hard on the others... if he turns to me.. he wont bitch at them when they dont do what he wants... iunno if that's the right idea but honestly I dont care... if they want him to like them they should do their job... and I'm not getting involved in their bullshit... I learned my lesson already...
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