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Hot Weather Advice for Cats

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Being that record heat is now being reported all over, I thought putting a sticky up regarding the danger signs to overheating and ways to prevent it, might be a good idea.

Your black cats will be most at risk for overheating if outdoors. Make sure that if you do let kitty out, they have ample shade and several bowls of water set in shaded areas at their disposal. If you have long-haired cats, a lion shave would be advisable to help them ward off the heat.

Put out piles of ice cubes or ice chips for the cat to munch on as well, or float some in the waterbowls to encourage them to drink. During the hottest part of the day, add about a cup of gatorade to a bowl of water to help the kitty replace electrolytes she might be losing.

Indoors, make sure the cat has cool places to lay down. Leave a little bit of water in the bathtubs or sinks so the kitty can play if getting overheated. Again, leave more than one bowl of water for the cat.

If the cat likes to lay on the bed, cover the bed with a large sheet, so when the cat lays down, she will lay on a cool surface and not a hot wad of blankets. Keep the shades drawn and air circulating.

Watch for these warning signs and IF you see any of these signs happening call your vet Immediately! While transporting cat to the vet, wrap the cat up in a damp towel and also have on hand a water bottle with a mixture of bach's rescue remedy and water. Should the cat start into heat stroke, spritzing her down with this mixture will help to destress her.

*Panting, the cat is having rapid panting and is starting to get unresponsive*

*Gently pinching the scruff of the neck resorts to the neck staying in the upright pinched position means your cat is getting dehydrated*

*The gums turn bright red*

*The cat begins to vomit more than a usual hairball*

*Diarrhea occurs*

Remember with these record temps and cat can overheat quickly and internal damage can occur if left untreated or unnoticed. Be sure you give your cat all that is within your means to do to help her pass the summertime in relative comfort.
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MSNBC has a webpage with tips on how to keep your pets cool.


Give it a look.
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i am so bad. i put in ac for my cat........ was 128 degress today. but my love was at a cool 70 degrees.........
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Thank-you Hissy and Helen for these tips. You can always teach an old dog new tricks -- the dog being me in this case. Here I have been yelling at the dogs for overturning or splashing about in their nice clean drinking water. So from now on I will let them be wet and covered with mud . Such good, common sense, and I was reacting like a housewife and not like a caregiver...

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thanks for the advice. I was beginning to get worried especially with lucky panting all the time. I too am getting an AC installed (hopefully tomorrow) and am leaving fans running all the time. This is my first summer (on my own) with my kitties. I think they are getting quite tired of the heat. I'm going to try some of your tips as soon as I get home from work.
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If you don't have or can't afford AC, ceiling fans are great to keep the air circulating. Use caution when using floor fans around cats. Your cat can fit their paw into the cage of many fans, and others can easily be toppled by a cat. If you use a floor fan, consider mounting it up high where the cat cannot reach it and point it downwards so the cat can benefit from it.

Close your shades or drapes during the heat of the day to keep the house cooler.
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Very good tips! I'm always concerned about cats that are left in buildings/houses without proper ventilation and no air conditioning. That always worries me and I make sure Sash is always comfortable with the air conditioning running and the temp never getting over 75.
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Thanks for the tips! I don't have air conditioning, but my bunch have cleverly figured out how to keep themselves cool - there's a ceiling fan in the dining room, and this is where the cat tree is also - they've been up on the top perch right up under the ceiling fan for the past couple of days! I've been doing the ice in the water bowls thing too, and keeping the blinds down and the fans running, and so far, so good!
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I'd also like to add something here, for those that may not know.

If you have cats (or dogs or even humans) on antibiotics, please, keep them out of direct sunlight and do not let them overheat.
I have had situations where some systemic antibiotics have brought about heat stroke quite quickly and I'd really hate for anyone or their cats to go through that.
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I am glad this thread came up. I have a question....

We are actually having ac problems right now, along with a $340 electric bill . Since it has started getting up into the 90's our ac is not cooling as well. During the afternoons even though the ac is set on 75, it is getting up to 81-82 in the back of the house where Dori spends most of her time. I was thinking that is still a fairly safe temperature for her, am I correct?
I am keeping all the blinds closed so the house stays cooler, but 82 is the highest I have seen it.
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Good advice we are pros at keeping kitties and puppys and Ponies coool arond here you should see how much FUN the horses have when i give them their ice chunks in their water tanks..I use Ice cream buckets..freeze em full of water and dump the chunks in their tanks
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