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Shy around strangers?

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I was wondering how everyones cats behave when you have guests. I've just noticed a big difference in my cats.. which is sorta interesting.
Twice this week we had people over. Cookie was around at first, and then got really scared and took off. Suzie hid the ENTIRE time. Now these two were not handled as small kittens. Cookie is pretty friendly and acts like Zakk and Rocky around us, just not as affectionate. Suzie will stay in the same room as me, but she will hide and keep her distance.
My other two kept a close eye on the guests. They even seemed to be around us more they were so curious to know what was going on. It's funny, if everyone is sitting around a table Rocky jumps up on a chair and acts like he is part of the party. In the past when my mom brought her dog, they even got used to him.. she didn't this time though. They even let my cousins pet them.. Rocky only got annoyed when my cousin sam kept laying his head on him.
So esp those with more than one cat.. do they behave differently? I wasn't surpised about Suzie, but I was more with Cookie since he usually seemed pretty fearless.
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Chynna is a social butterfly. As she's gotten older, the more social she's gotten. She's all over people like white on rice.

Abby on the other hand is very social with me, but not with strangers. Whenever people come over she's off to hide. Eventually she will make an appearance and lay against the wall across the room and give looks that say "Who are you and what do you want?"

She's only let one other person besides me cuddle her. I can't remember who it was (some repair guy) but it really surprised me. She hid for the first 10 minutes or so and then was all over this person like a best friend. Not sure what he had that no one else did but she absolutely refused to leave the poor guy alone.
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well my cats always get shy around my family and hide. I'm sure its nothing to worry about. Cats are just very moody creatures and it will take time for them to get used to all the chaos of family gatherings.
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Rosie and Sophie can be shy until they get to know people, then Rosie becomes the biggest flirt known to man when theres a man in the house!!
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Jaffa and Magpie were totally different around people (Magpie died last year) despite being brothers and being brought up in the same environment. Jaffa will just hide under the bed and wont come out until the visitors have left. Magpie used to be a bit wary at first but eventually would come out and it wouldn't be long before he was lying on his back demanding tummy rubs. Totally different temperaments. Magpie was a chilled out cat and Jaffa is highly strung. It's not unusual for indoor cats to hide when a stranger comes into the house, esp if you live on your own, as they're not used to lots of different people. I guess they see visitors as a threat and go with the flight or fight response - it's not appropriate to fight so they flee!
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I don't know about the babies yet, but all my other cats are right in the visitors face, they never hide. They've always got to know what's going on and I guess they figure more hands=more petting
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Ari will hide. My sister says all she has seen of him is a white streak.

Topaz doesn't mind strangers. In fact, when EMTs were working on Mom (her blood sugar had dropped too low last November) she stayed in her place on Mom's bed and didn't budge an inch!

Susan's remark about Rosie flirting with men reminded me of our Jade (RB in 2004). She was the same way. Any male visitor was the recipient of her affections!
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All cats are individuals.

My RB baby Tess had no fear. Twenty ppl could be in the living room and she'd be right out in the middle of it mingling.

My current love Smidge hides usually when a stranger arrives. Occassionally she will stay in the same room and stare at the visitor (how rude!) but never gets close and wont let anyone approach - including me.

Once she knows a person, she's a total belly rub slut - she flops in front of her friend and demands a rub pronto!
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It's definitely an individual cat thing. Katie usually hides when anybody comes over, no matter how long she's know them, but I really don't think it's because she's scared, it's because she can. You'd be amazed how friendly she can be, even to strangers, if she chooses.

Gracie always hides initially, no matter who it is. She emerges pretty quickly to keep an eye on things. She'll either sit in the middle of the room or on my lap. It's one of the few times she's a lap kitty, almost like she's showing people I belong to her. However, Gracie basically likes no one but me. It's a very rare privilege for others (even people she's known for years), to be able to touch her.

Peter hides from everybody and stays hidden for as long as they're around. He's a former feral kitten and the most timid in his litter, so this doesn't surprise me.

Claire, who's Pete's sis, was in several homes before mine, will generally stay in the room in a quiet spot when I have company. I think all the moving around she did really contributed to her socialization and comfort level around strangers, even children, whom she adores (as long as they don't get too noisy).
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Individuals, to be sure!

Of my current three, Fawn is the social one. They all disappear when anyone arrives, but Fawn is first out, and usually fairly soon. She watches from a distance for a while, and then with some people, sometimes, she'll start flirting and demanding skritches. Cindy occasionally puts in an appearance, a lot later, and only to watch from a safe distance. But with us, she's the mushiest by a long way. Fawn is mushy with Daddy, not so much with Mummy.

Suzy, on the other hand, is our little recluse. She never shows her face to company, with the occasional exception of Rob's son. But for the most part, she's Little Miss Untouchable, anyway. She was not well socialized before she came to us -- unlike Fawn and Cindy who were very well socialized

Suzy's sister, Samantha (RB) was a spook, but came out for attention as soon as the dust settled.

Our other RB kitties, Gryphon, Nibs and Shasta, were gluttons for attention, though Shasta in her younger years (like before she was about 7, I guess) was a recluse (just like Suzy). We moved that year, and the difference from one place to the next was like night and day -- never figured that out -- there are lots of similarites between Suzy and Shasta, actually, so perhaps Sooz will suddenly come out of her shell, too.
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I have soooooooooooo many cats and most people that have been out have never seen any of them. All but two are former, (or still ferals), and the minute someone pulls in the drive they all head up to hiding places unknown.

Occasionally my Magic will parade through and allow people to be blessed with his presence. Monique likes to see what's going on and will allow a little bit of petting, (maybe).

If I call Yeller in or carry him in then he will let people see him, but stays with me. All others won't show themselves till they know the car(s) have left.

Steve can take someone out to see his studio or something like that, but it doesn't fool my guys. I will call and tell them it's ok to come out, but they wait till the car is out of our drive.

I often get asked where the cats are and all I do is shrug my shoulders and say I'm sure we will never really know.
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Well its totally normal for cats to be shy around strangers. My kitties are totally shy around strangers, but sometimes they come out and watch everyone. hah
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Swanie comes down and says hi! I'm Swanie! Who are you? Do you have any treats? Want to pet me? Cindy says Oh no! oh no! Strangers! I have to hide under the bed!
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47

Suzy, on the other hand, is our little recluse. She never shows her face to company, with the occasional exception of Rob's son. But for the most part, she's Little Miss Untouchable, anyway. She was not well socialized before she came to us -- unlike Fawn and Cindy who were very well socialized
Hmmm. perhaps it is all in the name... Shy Suzie... Yours is just as pretty as mine!
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Trout hides when strangers come over..She might come out after a while, but she is generally a fraidy cat.
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