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Question about cats vomiting

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I know that cats throw up and its usually hairballs. As most of you know, Oscar is a DSH(obviously). Is it normal that I have NEVER seen him throw up? He has never gotten hairballs and the only time he has thrown up is just a little food and that was because he was upset we were leaving with a suitcase(he STRIVES for attention casue ya know....we abandon him a lot ) Could someone just let me know if its okay that he doesn't throw up? He eats normally too.
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It sounds to me like Oscar is just a bundle of healthy love!

I have cats that I've never seen throw up also. Enjoy it!
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Yeah but I swear someone told me that it wasn't healthy for a cat not to throw up every once in a while. Maybe it was just an "old wives tale"?
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I think it's great. I think all of mine have at one point, some more than others. The younger two are doing great I think. (Watch.. I'll post this and one of them will!)
Rocky does it when his asthma flares up.. I think it's a side affect. Also I think he may overeat sometimes on the dry food.
Zakk has done it a few times. A few times it coulda been hair balls. Last week he did it and I think it was b/c I fed him a flavor of cat food he hadn't had in a long time, plus he had eaten too fast!
The little ones I think only did it when they were first here and had worms.
Sometimes its hard to pin it down who it was though!

Your baby must be healthy, hairball free and have a good stomach, or else a good diet that agrees with him. Not that I'm advising doing this, but if you fed if something way tasty that he pigged on you would probably find he has the ability to get sick. I don't freak when one of mine gets sick, but I do keep an eye on them to make sure it doesn't happen again right away.
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I think that is something to be happy about!!! I too belive that it is an old wives tale. Vomitiong always is a bad sign.
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I posted in another thread 'my cat vomits everyday'. I experimented several things. Since Thursday night Penny has only wet food: FF oceanwhite fish and Royal Canin venison. I feed her 2-3 times a day so that she won't go to the dry food that I leave out all day for the other 2 cats. I think that Penny cannot tolerate dry food any more. I hope that what I am doing now is working.
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I would be happy he doesn't vomit.

It just means his system copes well with hairballs and passes them as they should be passed....the other end!
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Yea, he probably poops his hairballs instead of puking. I would be happy too... unless you have a collection under a sofa somewhere or something. Mine pukes in her litterbox so I wouldn't know if she's puking or not. Only seen it twice, though, once she was very sick and once it was a golfball-sized hairball.

For people with cats who eat too much and then puke up the food again: put the dry food in a coffee mug, filled only about 3/4 of the way to the top. This way, they have to dig it out piece by piece with their paw, and can't eat too fast. Unless they're kittens or very small, in which case they stick their face in it and get stuck (yes, I am talking about Zissou) Just observe them for a few minutes the first time. They'll figure it out.
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You are very fortunate. I have a cat with the opposite problem to the point that I have had to take him to the vet's for sub-q fluids because he was getting dehydrated. Count your blessings.
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I've often wondered the same thing! I have not had a cat puke up a hairball in about 5 years, and I've had many different cats during that time Can't say that I'm upset over it though no puke=happy Katie
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Oh I definately am happy, I was just curious. He does poop a lot, which I would rahter have the puke anyways
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