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I hope this is the right area. I read that kittens do not produce the dander that causes allergies untill maturity. Which so far I can tell to be true since Kirra has slept in my face and I have been ok. But I was wondering when maturity would be, when the skin would begin to shed. I have severe allergies to cats untill i have been around them on a regular basis for about a month. I mean cant breath threw nose at all, major itchy watery eyes. But for me its all worth the pain to have a cat especially since after a month it easies up some. But since i have never had a kitten alone (always had at least oen adult around) i have never had the pleasure of no allergies for awhile lol, so my question is when do you think i need to start keeping tissues on hand? or is it a slowl progression into dander?
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You may find that she'll gradually get more and more of the stuff you're allergic to, which will mean your body will be able to get used to it slowly as well. I don't know, I'm just guessing, but I can't imagine your kitty will suddenly be a walking allergen overnight.

Otherwise, keep some of the 24 hour allergy meds on hand to start taking if you do get allergic. I also recommend the Neil Med nasal rinse if you get really sinusey - it's kinda gross, but is awesome for clearing out your sinuses!
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Thanks. I love my kitties but my allergies dont lol. It was a real nightmare when i was younger and moved in with my dad and now exstepmom who had 13 cats lol. But we suffer for those we love and i couldnt imagine my house without Ms Kirra.
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I am severly allergic to animal dander so I get allergy shots and take antihistamines. And I wipe my cat down with a warm wet wash cloth every other day. It works wonders. There are many other things you can do to manage life with a cat if one is allergic.
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I wondered this as well. I was allergic to cats (and mold, dust, trees and weeds) when I was 9 years old. Took meds and shots until my mid-20s. Haven't had either in the last 10 years (but also haven't had any pets). I sort of figured I "out-grew" my allergies.

I got a kitten (16 wks) two days ago and so far he has not bothered me at all (although he does not seem to shed much). I also wondered the magic age that the dander gets more numerous.
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Originally Posted by meow meow
I got a kitten (16 wks) two days ago and so far he has not bothered me at all (although he does not seem to shed much). I also wondered the magic age that the dander gets more numerous.
dander is flaking saliva. from when a cat grooms him/her self. there is an enzyme in the saliva that humans can be allergic to. Some scientists believe that different colored cats produce different enzymes. by wiping a cat down regularly or bathing it, you reduce the saliva from the fur. so the length of the cats coat isn't an issue except that alot of shedding spreads the dander around more and makes more airborne. A hepa filter ot a spray such as Dander Out can destroy alot of the dander. I use it regularly on upholstery and carpets. And I simply wash my bedding in hot water. I am amazed at well I am managing with simple techniques, mild meds and shots. I would go much further in order to keep my perfect pet.
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start getting her use to being wiped down with a cloth ... some use distilled h2o others use Otc stuff... I use baby wipes..
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I think I'm more allergic to boy cats than girl cats. I don't know why. It is definitely the spit that I'm allergic to and not the fur, if a cat licks me I get itchy hives right where they licked me!

I take singulair, have two air filters, but it doesn't seem like I'm that allergic to my cat anymore. Still other people's but not mine.

I've never heard anything about allergens being worse as they get older. Zissou is 11 months old, and nothing like that has happened here.

She gets a bath about once every one and a half months, and I brush her and her teeth often. Other than that I haven't had to do much.
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