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Ahhh the teenage years

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Okay fellow TCSers I need some assistance with 8-Bit. He has suddenly become very very needy. Now he's a little over a year, and has decided that we need to pay attention to him for every single moment of the day. As much as I would love to do this, it is impossible. The husband and I will play with him, and he will quickly loose interest in whatever we do. He will walk away, sit, and then start to meow. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get him to play independently?

I recently took him to the vet, she did a good once over and he is fine. I also had him neutered about 8 months ago.
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My cat does the exact same thing. She only wants to be petted when she feels the need too.

I used to feel bad, but now I ignore her when I'm busy, otherwise I wouldn't get anything done.

Don't let your cat push you around, or determine your schedule, train them to yours.
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Some cats just don't want to play. When my cats do the whole walk away then meow I will say something to them and they usually come running to me, duno why.
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Im very interested to see what the replies are on this one ........one of my kitties has done this since he could meow .......Ive just adjusted to it ...... even if its 3 AM and hes sitting on my chest meowing in my face ....if I have company over ....... he will come 2 feet away .... sit down and just start meowing .....I just laugh at him and call him my cry baby .....

I play with him everyday ..... he's healthy ........ but hes a meowing cry baby FOR SURE !!! and laying in my lap while I type this ... as usual.
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My three nine month olds are all needy, if by needy we mean needing lots of love and affection. When I am sitting on a sofa they are lined up like planes on a runway waiting for their turn to sleep under my chin.
Often one will try to ursurp another of this prime sleeping spot by climbing over them to wedge themselves in- I can have three asleep on my lap and chest all at once.
It is kitty heaven!
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