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Watering Birds???

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OK, now for an entirely off topic question...

I leave bird seed out for the bird on the roof, so Ivo has something to keep her entertained while I'm at work. Now that it's hot and hasn't rained recently, I've noticed the birds panting. I'm assuming that's how they cool down. I was wondering, has anybody left water out for the birds? Will they drink it? Or do they need only a little? Thanks for the help!
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The only thing I have ever heard of are bird baths. Besides bathing, they will drink if their water supply is very limited.
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Leaving water for them is a very good idea. Just use a bowl that will not retain to much heat like a ceramic dish. Put a small rock in the center of it, so they can jump in bathe and drink and then rest on the rock. Leave the bowl in the shade, not in the hot sun.
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We have a bird bath, and the birds do bathe in it, but more often, they drink from it. I would definitely put a little bath out for them. It would be a really kind thing to do. Nothing can live without water.
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Thanks for all the great suggestions. Unfortunately (?) my apartment faces south and east, so we get the hot sun on the roof until about 2. Plus, the roof is covered in black tar paper. I'll have to go fine a cheap shallow dish to put out, with very cold water.
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You can always put an ice cube in it - or freeze something in a size larger than an ice cube.
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I'm sure the birds will be very grateful to have some cold water to drink.
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