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Male vs. Female cats

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Assuming they are both 'fixed', do male and female cats have different personalities?

Just wondering because I have had dogs my whole life until recently, and the differences between male and female dogs are very noticeable.

Is it the same with cats? What are the differences?
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I have 4 females and 1 male. The girls are snots and Buzz is just a big loaf that lets you manhandle him in every way.
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Boys are usually more cuddly than females, but no one has told ours.
Two overly affectionate females, two overly affectionate males and a take it or leave it female and a take it or leave it male.

3 of the 4 overly affectionate kitties are also greeters, they aren't picky about who they love on.
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Originally Posted by elbvc211
Assuming they are both 'fixed', do male and female cats have different personalities?

Just wondering because I have had dogs my whole life until recently, and the differences between male and female dogs are very noticeable.

Is it the same with cats? What are the differences?
I know that some people attribute something to the maleness and femaleness of their cats - and they may well be right - but I've never really seen it. Like people, they all have different personalities - and their are more differences within the sexes then between them.
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One female One male. I think female cats are more cleaner then males. Because my male cat does not clean himself that much. Birdie has to clean him.
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You're likely to get lots of varied responses to this question, but in my experience of owning cats (3 male & 3 female, in combos of 2 female, 2 male, and now 1 of each) it's much more about personality of the individual cat than about their gender. Of my 6, I've had 2 females & 2 males that have been really affectionate, and 1 of each that has been more reserved.

With cats in the rescue group I volunteer for, I would also say that I haven't noticed any significant personality differences between the males and the female.
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2 females and 9 males here. Males just seem to get along better when you have a lot of cats in one household. I've not tried it the other way (more females than males) so it could be an oddity of my gang.

Cats seem to be closest behaviorally to lion prides. In the wild, related females form prides that are overseen by one or a few males (that are also most likely related). Male coalitions form from about 3 unrelated males or up to 8-10 related males. I think problems in households crop up when people try to break this natural order.

When you look at the differences in behavior between female prides and male coalitions, there isn't that much of a fundamental difference. They cooperate with each other to keep the group going, they are all opportunistic, and there are always personality differences within the group.
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I have 2 females and 3 males ......the only difference I see ..... is if something scary happens ...... the 2 females go to check and see what it is while the 3 males are hiding under the bed !!!!!
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Zissou acts like a girl. I don't know how to describe it really, it's just sort of a female-ness. Like, she's graceful and fastidious more than some other cats I know. But that could be her, and not being a girl. She was spayed before she went into heat.
I thought she was a boy when my friend called to tell me to come get this kitten or he'd put it out on the street. But when we got home it was pretty obvious she was a boy. I'd wanted a boy, I'd heard bad things about girls (that they were meaner for one) but Zissou proved it wrong. If anything she's friendlier and more tolerant than the boy cats I have experience with.
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As I always say in responding to this type of post, it just depends on the individual animals personality really. Everyone can tell their experiences and opinions but it really cannot be said either sex is one particular way or another. It depends on how the animal is treated and raised and if there is any sort of abuse in it's life. It can also depend on who the animal lives with as far as humans and other animals go, it can depend on if the animal is kept indoors or outdoors most of the time, the age can make a difference too.

For me, I cannot say one or the other behaves a certain way. Between my 4 females and 2 males and my mom's cats and friend's cats and barn cats and the shelter cats at the place I worked at. They are all very different. They are like people in this sense like you cannot cay men are friendlier then women.
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It all depends on the personality of the cat.

IMHO, though, the females all try to rule the roost & then you get literal catfights. If my Ophelia were a boy, she would probably get along better than she does with other cats(or at all for that matter). However, she may have suffered some massive trauma at the paws of another cat in her lifetime & that may be why she is they way she is.

Different cats have different personalities and outlooks on life. I've known some females that are so chummy & some males that hate me. I know of the garage cats, I've got one super friendly male and one super friendly female. I also have one female who would love to scratch my eyes out, but no male that wants to do so.
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I've only got one girl and she is a very nervous skittish cat. I think in her heart she wants to be friendly and she is slowly coming out of her shell. By way of background, her and Cookie's hx when they were kittens is unknown.. they had been living outside on their own so I don't know if they were ever handled as kittens. Her brother is much friendlier and bold. I don't know if I should associate it with her personality or her sex.. they have the same background but are very different.
My other two males can be pretty affectionate.. Zakk only at night with hubby and Rocky all the time!
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I've only ever had female cats for some reason. The strays I pick up, or adopt from farms or friends have always been female.
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I have 2 boys. The other girls in the litter were not very lovey or playful - I've found (that with my boys) they are very easy going and let you hold them and do whatever to them, and they don't care

Harley does have an attitude, but don't we all?

I'm sure it definately depends on the personality of the cat tho - one of our friends has a female cat and she's just as loveable as can be!
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I have only had male cats up until recently. In my experience, I've found that the males were very loving but definitely not needy. All of my boys were very independent, whereas Sadie is less interested in roaming and more interested in getting cuddled.
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I have had male and females mainly Siamese but in my experience the males have been much more loving and attention seeking then the females. The females seem more aloof and less wanting to be patted ect. Also the males get along better in a group.
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IMO they do. Others will say it makes little difference. However, after having cats around for over 30 yrs, the males are more accepting of other cats, more laid back, more cuddly then the bossier females.

If I was adopting a cat, I'd choose a male over a female any day
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