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what's with football players and gang rape?

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As many as 10 men, mostly members of the Fresno Community College football team may be involved in the attack on an 11 yo girl Apparently, she was from a group home, and was visiting a nearby apt. http://cbs2.com/topstories/local_story_191160103.html Remember a few years ago when a high school team in Oklahoma did the same thing?http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/754129/posts And I remember about 10 years ago, 5 members of a Sacramento football team did the same thing to a retarded girl at a park, but it's been so long ago, I couldn't find a link. And when I was in high school, our football team did a "train" with a girl underneath the stands on the high school field, but supposedly it was consensual. I worked with the girl about 3 years after our graduation, and she told a different story - that she was there with one guy, who she thought was her boyfriend, and the others showed up & threatened her if she told, so she never did
Is it the sport or what??? I've never heard of the track team or the tennis team of a school doing such atrocities...
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I don't think it has anything to do with football. I just think you hear more about it because there's a team to connect it with and not just "a group of friends". If you think about it, boys on football teams tend to be friends, and I'm not sure a football group of friends is any more likely than any other group of friends.

Although, in my experience, a certain type of man is more likely to play football, often sort of arrogant or something, or maybe being on the football team makes you like that. Dunno.

It is a horrible crime. Really.

But I don't think it's football's fault. There is a football player at my school who was found guilty of participating in a gang rape of a woman at Notre Dame. Don't ask me why he plays football still. But he's probably not the only guy here who has done something like that.
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Considering the mentalities of the jocks I went to high school and college with, I'm not surprized in the least. I also think they'll get away with it.
Jocks can get away with murder, while skaters, punks, metal heads and anyone else who doesn't look "normal" can't so much as look cross eyed at someone. Frankly, I'd feel more threatened by a jock than I would by someone with a dozen pircings, a Marylin Manson shirt, and dyed-black hair.

I'm completely disgusted by the whole thing.

I don't think the sport itself is inherantly bad...it's more the personalities that are attracted to it, and the mentalities that are built by it.
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I think it might be that steroids made them aggressive.

I chatted with a football player on the bus way home today. He is totally charming and he doesn't drink alcohol. I think there are bad apples everywhere.
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My cousins were/are football players (and just athletic in general - involved in multiple sports), and none of them have that kind of attitude. Honestly I think a lot of it has to do with how they are treated in school. There are a LOT of places where the sports heros (name the sport depending on what is excelled at in that particular school/city/state) can get away with anything. They don't actually have to maintain academic standards because the teachers will turn a blind eye to the lack of homework and poor showing on tests. They don't get disciplined for bad behavior before the big game. They are spoon fed and pampered, and they get a sense of entitlement. That includes sexual favors. I think it's more of a cultural thing with various institutions (i.e. how the schools treat their athletes) than anything inherent with the sport itself.
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Yea, I know just the difference between where I go to college and where everyone else in my family went to college is amazing. Here you don't get jack extra except a scholarship for being on most of the sports teams. The professors will barely let you get by with your excused absences, and you definitely can't miss more than you should for games. Where the rest of my family went, you could walk into class and say "oh, I'm on the ___ team" and never show up again. When I'm a professor, I'm not doing anything extra for the athletes. Why should I?
That kind of stuff should be illegal, and it's supposed to be. I don't even think they should necessarily get anything more than tuition scholarships, unless they have the same financial need as other people who get grants, etc.

But I think if schools treated their chess team or swim team or equestrian team the same way they'd have the same behavioral problems (being "entitled" and snotty). I still don't think playing a sport makes you more likely to be a rapist. Maybe they're more likely to be gangrapists because they do everything as a team.
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It has nothing to do with the sport it's the few guy who are playing the sport. Unfortuniately some schools would rather win bowl games then deal with these guys. For example... Virginia Tech has known about Micheal Vick's problem with underage girls and alochol, but yet he remained the starting quarterback for years. It wasn't until he stomped on the leg of a Louisville linemen on a nationally televised bowl game that the alumni, fans, students, and administration pressured Coach Beamer to cut him. But that was after the game, not during the game when he should have been benched. Vick also gave the fingure to the WVU student section and hit a WVU assistent coach during the two school's final meeting this past October. and to no surprise, nothing was done. Vick complained that the students were chanting and calling him names, something he should have expected given the heated rivalry between the schools and his criminal record. Most schools like WVU do not tolerate such actions and bench the player for a period of time. Most resently, Chris Henry was benched for 2 1/2 games for getting thrown out of a game, and not following team rules like going to class and practice. He declared for the draft, much to the relief of WVU fans and students, who were happy tp be rid of the man who acted like he owned campus.

Some of those football players who are getting into trouble did not grow up on great neighborhoods. and, for some of these men, they don't know how to handle the fame and the money that can come with the sport.

BUT... NFL players and coaches are some of the lowest paid in all pro sports, and give the most. I know in the Pittsburgh area, current and former Steelers have invested millions into local out-reach programs for kids, and have hosted and participated in charity events throughout the city.
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I should put a little disclaimer to my last post in this thread...of course not all football players are like that, and some of them are nice guys. It just seems that, like Heidi said, team sports players are held to a much lower standard than the rest of the student population, and treated much better by teachers and other adults.
It's not the sport itself...but the mindset surrounding it.
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It is so much easier for people to overpower a girl and get rid of the evidence if you work as a team.

It is a crime of opportunity. I think if men go around in drunken, stoned, close-knit groups then gang rapes would be more likely to happen.
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And this is why I support capitol punishment. That or what they would get in gen. population...sick ()*&#%)(#_$)(& #%)(U@)*% @#)(*%

This is one of those things that make me sick to my stomach. I would KILL, MURDER if someone did that to my babies...
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