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Poor., pitiful pooch

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I sent this picture, to Bill's sister. She e-mailed back that she was going to use it as evidence, of animal abuse.
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Poor baby! He looks so neglected!:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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I feel sorry for the poor dog!:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Poor baby! So neglected!

That reminds of the dog we had when I was in high school. Felicia would come to bed with me (she loved the waterbed!) and insisted on having her head on the pillow and her body covered with the blankets. It was so funny. It was a good thing it was a queen sized bed, because she took up half the bed!
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You're so right! She is neglected. Obviously the earth colors on the afghan do nothing for her coloring! How could anyone subject her to that?
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I think this is definately abuse! I mean, come on. How do you expect her to watch TV like that??? We're talking whiplash here and then who knows? Geesh....some people have to be told everything.

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How do you expect Ike to sleep with all that sunlight coming through the window??? ...And another thing, you're making poor Ike sleep on a couch where nothing has been color coordinated and all the patterns clash with his spots. :LOL::LOL: I have never seen such an abused animal before.
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The poor dog! Look at her sitting there all alone with no one to play with. She must feel really neglected. :laughing:
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Look how dirty that poor white dog is!! How could you let your dog get that filthy? Definitely animal abuse.

Ok that was corny but I couldn't help myself.
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I am impressed by the level of concern, for my poor, mistreated doggy. Bill and I expect the ASPCA to come knocking on the door, any day now. Of course, they'll have to wake Ike up, to take him away!
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We'll miss you, Cindy, while you're in the pokey. Maybe we could send you a cake with a file in it. If not, behave yourself and you might get time off for good behavior!
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Definate abuse - making him sleep on the couch - he should have a bed!
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Actually, we gave him a blanket, in our room. HE chose to sleep on the couch. Ike is WAY too big to sleep with us. Besides, Rowdy would never let him. SHE is our bed buddy.
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