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The joys of a cat in heat *rolls eyes*

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Okay, my cat Crybaby is in heat currently, and I was wondering...what is considered normal behavior for a cat in heat?

Here's a bit about her:

She's about, meh, one or two years old.

I'm pretty sure she's a calico, maybe she's mixed with something...her mom was pregnant when we got her.

She really wants to go outside...extremely badly...but that's a duh, I know why. We're trying to keep her indoors, she's already had a batch of kittens (There were originally three, Tigger Jr. died at birth, but we have Pickles and Biscuits still)

She keeps rolling around on the floor, and when she goes to lay down, she keeps her backside up in the air, her tail moved over to either side, pumping her legs like she's running.

She's being aggressive towards the kittens (her and Pickles were in a basket, she was rolling around and out of no where she attacked her...)

What I'm worried about is the rolling. She's never acted like that, not even with a kitten...when she was a kitten she just used to cry (hence her name...)

So is that normal?
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Well cats do all sorts of weird things when they are in heat. If her kittens are still youngish and she is in heat, she probably is getting annoyed with them. Please please do everything possible to keep her inside. If any of her kittens are male, then they can also get her pregnant when they are 4 months or older so please keep that in mind.

I also have to ask, is there a reason why she is not spayed yet? She is at a huge risk for cancer and a really bad disease is she keeps going into heat and not getting spayed. Would you like us to help you locate a low cost clinic near you? Just tell us your zip code and city and we can help you out.
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We were planning on getting her spayed until we found out she got pregnant. And we can't do anything until she stops nursing them. They're on hard food and everything but they still nurse as a comfort thing. So now we have to wait until she stops nursing them (She needs shots too...)
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Ohhh ok, how old are the kittens? If they are 8 weeks old then she can be spayed. Kittens should be with her until 10-12 weeks but if she is pushing htem away and they are litterbox trained and eating solid food, then she is probably trying to tell you she is done with them.
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We do everthing we can to keep her inside (we have to put her under a laundry basket at times where the door will be opened for extended periods of time (like changing our dogs food and water...)
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I'm not sure exactly how old they are (they were born in either February or March) and they went onto solid on their own. We're working on litter training them currently so maybe she is telling us she's done with them...but they aren't old enough yet...are they? (I told my sister that I didn't think the cat should be going into heat this early, but I wasn't sure...)
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Wait, they were born in Feb or Mar so that would make them 4-5 months old? They only need to be with mom until 10-12 weeks, so they are more then ready to go to new homes. They should long be littertrained and eating solids by now, the mother littertrains them around 3-4 weeks or so. So they aren't littertrained yet? Where do they go to the bathroom?

As for mom going in heat, she can go into heat again right after giving birth, and as I said earlier if either of the kittens are male they can and will get her pregnant, they are old enough if they are indeed between 4-5 months.
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They are very much old enough. She could have been spayed a month ago, so you can make an appt now for her to be spayed as soon as possible. They don't really need to nurse anymore, and they should be ready to not need her as much anymore. Are you keeping both kittens? If so, you'll probably see that they start acting more like co-housecats than a family.

And what Jen said-- she needs to be kept away from any intact boy cats, whether they're her kittens or not, and your kittens are about old enough to be fixed themselves.
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So now I need to tell my mom this... What I was I going to say? Oh yeah, I remember. Litter training we've been doing for a while now, we've got them pretty much trained, we're trying to reduce the accidents (Pickles mostly...)
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If any of her kittens are male you need to keep her away from them because a cat in heat will mate with ANY capable male, including her own kittens!
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yeah they are totally old enough to be fixed. do it as soon as you can. my cats were fixed when they were like 2 months old so they are more than ready. please keep her away from the male kittens!
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