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This might be a stupid question,whatever. As anyone saw or been a tornado??? What was it??(F1,F2,F3,F4,or F5) I just saw a tornado show. And
wanted to ask.

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I am a bit north for a tornado however central WI does get them. The worst we had was called a "wind shear" evidently its a very strong wind but no funnel cloud (supposedly) we had one last Sept and it did alot of damage (mainly trees)
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we had a F1 in our back yard but it went back in to the clouds. My cats were screaming when they heard the wind.
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Originally Posted by GailC
I am a bit north for a tornado however central WI does get them. The worst we had was called a "wind shear" evidently its a very strong wind but no funnel cloud (supposedly) we had one last Sept and it did alot of damage (mainly trees)
I can believe it...when I was flying in Northwestern Ontario we would fly in areas where there was nothing but trees and water for hundreds of miles and you could see the evidence of microbursts on the ground. It's like turning a high pressure water hose onto the ground, it literally flattened trees that stood a hundred feet high....amazing how powerful nature is.
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I've been in a couple. We had one a couple miles from my house when I was in middle school, my dad was at a parent teacher conference so I was home alone, crying in the basement, and he raced home on the highway and saw it on his way. The cops passed him on the road and he was doing 100. It injured a few but didn't kill anyone. There was a tornado warning here a couple days ago. I've been in some but you don't actually see them unless you're reckless, because you should be somewhere with no windows when there is one. I did, however, see a few from the fake eiffel tower at King's Island. We didn't know there were any around until we got up there and I was like "Hey, look, a tornado" It was probably an F2. One time about 6 years ago there were 13 funnel clouds over downtown Dayton but none touched the ground, luckily. The whole sky was bright green and you could see them from my house (we were far away). My friend called from the 32nd floor of a building downtown and said it was like they were surrounded. Her parents were from India so they wouldn't go down to the basement because they were afraid the building would collapse on them. Oh, and my family's farm was destroyed 4 or 5 times by tornadoes. My parents have both seen more than me because they grew up in the glacier-flattened part of Ohio, and we had moved just barely south of that, so there were less.
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In 1997, I was in downtown Miami when I saw a tornado. It's weird because it wasn't even raining at the time, just a few black clouds. I don't think I saw anybody running, everybody was just standing there looking at the tornado.
Now, we don't get tornado's here in Miami, so we were all in shock to see one. After a little while it went in to the water. It didn't do that much damage, and no one was killed.

Here's a pic of the tornado
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We saw one coming at us back in March. Luckily it skipped over our house, and landed about 1/2 mile away. Unfortunately, a friend lost their home entirely. I'm glad we've moved to the hills.

The scene was comical in our house, despite the danger. My DH parent's called to warn us and then, on my cell my mom called to warn us (the weather was saying it was on the ground between Centerton and Bentonville, we lived exactly there and there ony a mile of land that can be classified as that). We were clueless b/c we have a DVR and always pause shows, and were 45 minutes behind. We went outside and saw the tornado across the field, then we freaked. We grabbed both of our girls out of bed, got them into the bathroom, dragged a matress into the bathroom, all got in the tub and huddled under the mattress. Neither of my girls woke up in all the excitement.
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babygirl was that a F1??? Sometimes it does not rain when there is a tornado. My hubby is 26. he has been chasing tornados since 6 years. But he has a new job now.He chased a F5!!!!
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Yes, it was an F1. I wasn't afraid of it, I was just in awe.

Wow, I'm guessing your husband loves his job.
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I had an F1 pass over my property. There was actually a cluster of tornados with that storm and while the biggest of them passed behind my house, a smaller one came thru between my neighbors house and mine.

We lost the roofs of both barns, the garage windows blew out and damaged the cars, lost some shingles off the house roof, knocked over the outhouse and well cover, blew away a grill and the garbage cans, and destroyed the ceiling fan on the outside front porch.

We got no warning until the wind got strong and things started hitting our house. We barely managed to get out the door and around back to our underground storm cellar (think Dorothy in the wizard of oz).

We didn't actually see it cause it was too dark. We did find barns, boats, shingles, siding, playground sets, a trampoline, an RV and other assorted junk in our back yard the next day. When a tornado lifts up it tends to drop the debrie is was carrying. It lifted up over our backyard. And yes, the RV was a full sized motor home.

We were very lucky - there was no way that we would have been able to get any of the animals out of the house and a feral mom had brought up 4 kittens to the back of our house about 2 hours before it hit. We covered the kittens cause the storm was coming and they survived also. We think the mom moved them out of the woods out back where the big tornado actually passed over. Animals are smarter than we are.
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The one last November 6 that hit our area (20+ killed) missed us by about a mile. I think it was F3.

Back in the 1960s we woke up one morning after a storm and found almost all of our orchard (30+ trees about 150 feet from the house) had been destroyed. All the trunks were twisted like a corkscrew.

But we mostly seem to get the wind shears and microbursts. One hit 1/2 mile north of us.
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