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Who Else??

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Who else is still waiting on birth? I was SOOOOO sure Icis would have went this weekend, but NOPE. i think she's decided to stay pregnant,lol
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ACK! how many days is she? do you know who she mated with? I cant wait to see her babies either! mke sure to take lots of pics!
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well, she would be 70 days tomorrow. im not exactly sure who she mated with, as she came home with 3 boys, a huge tux gray and white,,,and 2 maine coon looking boys. I have had a box for her for a month now, and have the camera ready. i THOUGHT she was going to go last night, but she didnt.
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I am anxiously awaiting kittens but am not as close as you! My Spots is due in about 2 1/2-3 weeks. We are not sure WHEN she got PG but that was the estimate the vet at the clininc gave us so since we have nothing else, we have to go by that!
This is the first (and last!) litter so I do not know WHAT to expect.
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wow Isis still hasn't had them? didn't you think she mated on May 1st? are there any other possible dates? today is 70 days from May 1st (or from my calculations since that is the last time Angel was out (the day she came home).
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well, she got out a few days before May 1st, and came home around may 1st, so i dont know actually when she got preg, or when the babies implanted. she is looking VERY uncomfy, and is really restless, so i am HOPING AGAIN,lol. I have the day off tomorrow, so i can stay up all night if need be,lol
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Mine are still pregnant - and yes, it definitely is both of them.

Every morning I get up and say, "Maybe today." Nothing so far, though. They're both huge, with swollen tatas and squirming babies.

Maybe today.
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Poor Icis! Is she nestled into a box yet? or is she doing the nest hoping?
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shes doing the " imma look for a place mom wont find me" thing,lol. she is going into every room, and checking it out. she will lay down and then get right back up and walk to another room. she is mostly near me tho. upon belly checks, all nipples seem to be exppressing liquid, so i hope its SOON!,lol
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wow hope she has them soon. Angel is showing no signs of anything. No signs of heat (11 weeks now) and no signs of having a kitten........... I figured since she hasn't had any yet that she definately wasn't preg............. But we know Icis is def. pg. and they both came home on the same day............ LOL once Icis pops if we have nothing then I will be 100% certain Angel isn't (not that I think she is) but man can't figure out for the life of me WHY she has not gone into heat yet!
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anything on Icis yet?!
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Yep! Im still waiting but I have anywhere from 2-3 weeks respectively. I can't wait to see the georgous kits. I hope everything goes okay with Isis. Keep us posted.
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omg, she is such a tease!!!!! i THOUGHT she was gonna go last night, she got in the box and everything, but NOPE. i think that cat is teasing me!!,lol
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