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A Round of applause for the creators of "Let's Make a Story"

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I am now beginning a standing ovation to everyone that has participated in this posting.

Particularily: Jeanie G and mslemon who seem to be leading the pack.

You guys have unbelievable talent and imagination. What a great story!!!!!!!

I was going to post a comment in the "let's make a story" posting but thought I may get booed for breaking the pattern.

Thanks for the great reading guys.

Keep it up. I want to see how this ends (not that it needs to!!!)

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I agree G! BIG round of applause for everyone who has contributed to the story, and especially Jeanie and mslemon!

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G. What a considerate thing to do! I hope mslemon visits the site tonight! Heidi, you have been one of the authors too. I think anyone who likes to write knows that writing is its own reward, but when someone tells you she is enjoying the story? That's the icing on the cake. I know that I have been wondering if people have been "caught up" in the story, and I'm sure mslemon and Heidi have too. Now we know we have a fan. That's so great! Of course you'll have a heck of a time shutting us all up now. Thank you so much!
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Yes, Heidi.....congratulations of participating. Great job!!!!!!

And, you are very welcome Jeanie. You deserve a "Thank you" for keeping us posted. And, please do not consider "shutting up". I, for one, am enjoying this.
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I have been lurking and reading, and I love the fact that so many minds in the mix are creating so many twists and turns in the story. Was glad to see that more than one sentence was allowed after awhile. Some of those sentence's prior to that were loooooong! Good job all, it is a pleasant diversion to come here and read your work.
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I have enjoyed catching up on that thread - but come on people let's get the new story going!
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Wow! Thanks for the compliments. The group story is fun and I enjoy working on it. And as for others posting: the more the merrier. Anyone with further ideas and plot ought to contribute.
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I love reading your stories! I check my mail more than once a day to see if anyone has added anything! To those who contribute-- What WONDERFUL ideas... I tried to add one in, but I enjoy reading every one else's more! Are any of you professional writers? Just wondering... anyway- way to build the suspense!! Amazing!
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I am a professional writer-wanna-be. I have a completed novel that needs some revisions before I can shop it out and
I was supposed to have something published last fall by the National Space Society, but 9-11 pushed it so far back I'm afraid it just got nixed as the story is now woefully out of date. I am just now getting into a routine after moving and hopefully will get a few more things going.

I know all of us that have been writing the story are thrilled that so many read it and have nice words to say about it.
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Katie Lynn, I write all the time, but mostly because I like to. I have a children's book written, but have not sent it to a publisher. I write poems and "think" pieces and "customized" humorous poems for my friends and family. I'm an English teacher, retired, and have always been an English buff.
We would like everyone who likes to write to help with the stories. The challenge is to try for continuity when you have to pick up where someone else left off. It's fun!
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Another professional-writer-wannabe here. I finished a novel, but don't like it anymore and want to re-vamp it. Just haven't found (taken) the time to do it. Like Jeanie, I was an English teacher but for only a short period of time. I just always loved writing. This has been a lot of fun. Maybe we should continue adding adventures to this poor girl's life...she's already helped a momma cat with newborn kitten and helped solve a long standing murder case. What does the future hold for this lady???
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Oh... now what is she gonna get herself into...?? Somebody hurry so she can answer the phone!!!! How exciting.... keep it up ladies *and gentlemen if there are any working on this.... I apologize!!*
Wonderful Work!
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