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Daily Thread: Monday July 10

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Wow! How could we all miss the daily thread! Now that the work day is almost over for me I am doing better. Still trying to get my accounts right from the endo of the month but I am almost there!! How is everyone else's day?
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We finished weeding and mulching most of the yard yesterday I am still on a high from that

I had a doctor's appt this morning, had to go to the grocery store because the cupboard was completely bare, and now I have to do laundry because there isn't a single clean towel in the house
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Just another day here!

A few more hours left of work, and then home it is to clean!

I had a wonderful time this weekend in the Wisconsin Dells - I didn't want to come home!

Only 4 more days and I'm headed home to see the rest of the family I haven't seen in a month!! I'm pretty excited to go!
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Oh! My mom just sent me this link about cleaning.
I guess she was trying to tell me I need to clean my house. Guess I will be shining my sink tonight!
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I was wondering about the daily thread too...

Had a pretty good weekend, got some new clothes at Target...2 Isaac Mizrahi swimsuits...2 pairs of gouchos...4 skirts...a bunch of tank tops... and 3 more pairs of shoes! I went in for mascara!

I left my house this morning w/o my keys, and locked myself out, so I had to call hubby to come home and let me in to get my keys...thank God he was close. He took great pleasure in laughing at me, then made a few dumb blonde jokes referring to my new highlights... Ok, I guess I deserved that... it was pretty air headed. Owell.
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I forgot about the daily thread today!!

Jeff should be home in about 15 minutes

I did lots of laundry today, and made a whole bunch of calls for the wedding planning.

It's been a very rainy day here today so I stayed in.
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I worked today for 6 hrs weeding. I must weed too fast as I stopped at the place the client works and she was surprised I was done already-she didn't think I would get that far in 6 hours. Now just relaxing enjoying the cool weather.
Southern WI got rain last night -nada for us- my lawn is pretty darm crispy and come Wednesday we are getting some hot and humid weather for the rest of the week.
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Today I'm having some problems with my ears. I went to a concert last night... which was absolutely awesome! but I think it might have been too loud.
Can loud music lead to ear infections?
I had some nausea and dizzyness today... which went away when I ate or chewed gum. So I'm pretty sure it was because of my ears.

Anyways, feeling better now. I was at the universtiy today doing some work and studying. Now I have more studying to do... except it's so hot here, I don't have much energy. I should have stayed at the school.
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