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Radio question of the day: 07/10/06

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Do you prefer to go shopping with someone or alone? What was the last store you shopped in?
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I prefer to go alone. I went shopping at Target last night.
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It was WalMart, Sunday morning, by myself.

It depends on whether I'm alone or not. Usually alone so I can take as long or as little time as possible.
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If we are talking about shopping for clothes, I love to go with my mom...she has great taste!

The last time I went shopping was on Saturday with my Maid of Honor and I bought a dress for my bridal shower!
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My mom is my shopping buddy. I spend more money with her though. I shopped at Sam's club last!
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I like to shop by myself because then I can look at what I want to and like gemlady said, take as long as I want to! I just went to Pets Supplies Plus on my lunch!
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I like going shopping with my mom. I have to go with her anyways since I dont have a driver's license YET.. the last place I went shopping at was Safeway with my dad. my parents went to wal-mart when I was volunteering at the shelter on Friday.
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Depends-I like to go alone if I'm grocery shopping to get in & out fast-otherwise a close friend & I do a once a month shop & lunch day-shopping sometimes is nothing but window-shopping -it's more of an excuse to get together & get out for the day-Last store was Bath & Body Works
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Yeah, it definitely depends on my mood and/or what I'm shopping for
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If I'm going clothes shopping, I like to go with a friend.
If I'm going shopping for household stuff, like to Shopko, WalMart...ect., I like to go alone, that way I can go at my own pace and look at everything in the store

The last time I went shopping was this weekend in the Wisconsin Dells at a little gift outlet store
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I either like to go alone, or w/my SIL... cause she is the only 1 who can really hang. A true shopper goes comfortably, with easy on easy off clothes, no jacket, and only the essentials in your small lightweight bag, credit cards, cash & a bottle of water!

I was in Target for 5 hours on Saturday... my SIL met me there, but she was only there for an hour or 2. It was hard trying on 90 things when they only let you take in 6 at a time, then you have to get dressed to go back out, to grab 6 different things from your cart.
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I usually shop alone mainly due to my friends/relatives either work or live too far away or don'e shop where I like to shop. I was at a greenhouse today-didn't buy anything (what a surprise!) But I did run to the local small town grocery store yesterday.
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alone. I don't like shopping so I'd rather go in by myself, do everything at my own pace and then go home.
When I have the opportunity to be with friends, I'd rather do something fun.
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I don't like going alone, the only time I go alone is when I'm doing grocery shopping. The last time I went to a store was yesterday, I went to best buy to buy a mouse for my computer.
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The only people I really like to shop with are my mom, my sister, or my best friend. If I go with anyone else I always feel like I'm putting them out. Like they get annoyed if I linger in a section too long, or take too long in the dressing room. Maybe I'm just a worry-wart though.

The last shopping I did was at Loehmann's yesterday. It's a designer clothes store here in LA that's kind of like a Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I bought a cocktail dress because Brian and I got invited to this place next weekend that requires formal attire. I owned no such thing that still fits. Gained a WEE bit of weight since getting married.

Here's the place where we're going. Anyone ever been there? If so PM me or something. I'm curious as to what to expect.
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I don't really have a preference. I like it either way lol
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Hmm..I actually like shopping with my daughter. I would love for my boyfriend to go with me, but he cant stand it. He gets all wierd, and itchy, and annoying.
Last store I was in..Petland..I bought a hermit crab!
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I like to go alone...because I am very picky and take a long time...I don't want to be selfish and have someone wait for me...I went to lerner (ny and company) last
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I prefer to shop with someone. The last place I went was Walmart, during my lunch break today. But I was by myself.
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I much prefer to shop with someone. I hate going alone, it's not as fun! I love to go shopping with my aunt, or my friend from work. We can go for hours on end!

The last place I shopped at was at a place called Ardene. It's a little accessory store we have here in Canada (it's a lot like Claires~which we also have). I needed to get some accessories to go with what I'm wearing to my friend's wedding next week.
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ALONE!! Other people slow me down
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I hate shopping alone. I have a fear of being in a store alone, any store. I worry about having a seizure and noone will know what's happening or what to do and I'll end up somewhere and not knowing anything. It freaks me out, so I go either with friends, or family, that way I'm always ok. Plus it's fun for me. My MIL loves to clothes shop and so do I but we never seem to get together anymore, we really need to soon. My friend and I go to Walmart to shop for groceries, when we can it was Sunday this week. It started out on Monday nights, and then it changed to Sundays, now it's just sort of whenever.
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