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Does this ring any bells ? Ladies only.........

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just for fun guys................. honestly
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I have to say, my husband is pretty good about most of this stuff (except the toilet paper on the holder thing...he gets out the new roll, but then he just leaves it on the corner of the bathroom sink ) What he really needs is a class on taking out the garbage--recently I asked him to take out the trash and he said, "But it doesn't smell yet!"
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Can I sign my hubby up????
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Where can I sign up B? He needs in particular the one about Parallel Parking (although one with Driving in General would be more beneficial) and the me vs. mom thing.

Although I maybe the milk carton class, but I didn't see one that deals with "The kitchen counter is not trash bin"
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I like the last topic the best
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My husband definately needs all of these classes and more. He is so spoiled and a real momma's boy.
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I love the dishwashing one. My husband will spend 15 minutes stacking the dishes in the sink (it takes alot of time to arrange, apparently, so they all don't come crashing down), but will NOT load the dishwasher (which would take about 5 minutes, 10 if you have to empty it). Arrghhh!
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I printed it out.... I'm hanging it on our message board when I get home! And I agree with lunasmom, there needs to be a subclass about the kitchen couter/table is not the trash can....

If you can really hold these classes I'll be 4ever in your debt
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I'm as bad as a boy at most of those, although the last one is kind of harsh. I mean, we're wrong as much as they are?

But I bet my mom would love it! She was the only person in the house with the capability to put new paper on the toilet roll. It's like a superpower or something, I think!

I have one to add:

Washing you feet

If she vomits when you take your shoes off, it's time to wash them. Even if you just did yesterday.
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Ooh - never thought we could add our own ´lessons ´ - I like that - how about

Watch and Learn Video

how to give the perfect kiss
watch George Clooney in action & Learn !
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Can I get a discount if I sign Pat up for the whole series?
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OMG men soooo need that
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