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Tuesdays DT

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I stayed up until one in the morning doing a project for school and I had to get up at 6. So, I am very tired! Coffee is not helping. I need a nap!

Its going to be soooo Hot this summer. I watched the weather last night and it should go to about 100 or so!!!! I've stored bottles of water in the fridge. I carry one with me all over and stop at 7-11 or some other place to fill up the bottle with ice and water. I feel like running thtrough the sprinklers. Those of you, especially in Minnesota, send some of that lovely rain over here to quench us.

I've been eating a lot of fruit and it helps.

And, I got attacked by mosquitos last night. I have like about five bites!

BTW, I bought me some weights from a sporting store. They weigh about 7 pounds each. I can lift those. I wanted a little lighter, but they only had 1 pound. For fifteen minutes everyday, I do weights. I feel sore, but I feel great! I've also been walking.

Have a great day!
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We've been having weather in the mid 90's here...which is about 15 degrees hotter than normal.

Nena-you are going to like lifting weights. I always feel really good when I'm done. Wednesday I start a 4 week belly dancing class at my gym. I am really looking forward to it...I've heard that its a lot of fun. Has anyone taken a belly dancing class?

Hubby and I bought the second season of the Sopranos last night, so we are going to have a Sopranos-a-thon this week and try to watch them all.
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Please tell me the summer is over! It's been in the high 80's and low 90's here in Cleveland, and with the humidity it feels 5 degrees higher. Last night, I had a bad migraine (I don't do well in the heat) and now have a "migraine hangover" so I'm home from work today. I have to go to the bank, but besides that I'm planning on sitting in front of the AC and reading. Even Ivo is sacked out on the floor. I've been adding ice cubes to her water, and she really seems to like it. At least I can keep the apartment at a comfortable, if slightly warm, temperature that doesn't seem to bother her too much.

I hope everyone has a good day. Stay cool!
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It's not fair - you all talking about sunshine when our summer here has been grey, murky and verging on cold. I'm SO jealous of your heat and even the humidity. All it does in England is rain!

Having to carry around a pashmina and umbrella in the middle of summer is just too much.

It's a shame the weather can't be more evened out - with all of us getting some rain and some sun!!

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Yola, my niece is in England for the summer, she got a job working at a pub. She loves it though she does write and say the days are a bit dreary.

okee those migraines are nasty. Take it easy today and just rest. It will be nice when they can finally cure those once and for all.

Spooky, I have heard belly dancing is a good exercise for all the muscles of the body. Have fun in class and stay cool!

Nena you should never visit Alaska in the summertime, the mosquitos are huge and they attack in droves! the mosquito is even the state bird of alaska because they grow so big there!

It is beautiful here today, supposed to get into the high 80's. This morning early feeding the horses our cherry trees were flooded with birds. The cherries are just now turning ripe and I don't think we are going to get any at all! You would think with 14 cats, I would at least have one cooperative feline in each tree scaring away the the cherry robbers! LOL

This morning, there was a bat in the shop when I opened the door. It did a few laps and startled the dog. Stryker our big feral was in there keeping pace with it, but thankfully the bat flew out the doors and up into the bat box high in the trees. They are the best mosquito control around.

Hubby drove to the coast to pick up our lumber order. We have been waiting for it forever it seems, but the trees have all been cut and all we have to do now is finish the remodeling. Wouldn't that be nice!

The McKenzie clan is growing! Holy smokes, macBethie is finally catching up to her brother, and now everytime I go up there they both climb up my legs if i don't pick them up and hug them first. I clipped their claws this morning, and they tolerated it pretty well. There is an old tree stump in the cat room, it has been wire brushed and blown out and is very clean and now that is their playground and they are having a blast climbing all over it. Mom gets spayed next week! Yay!!
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It's a shame the weather can't be more evened out - with all of us getting some rain and some sun!!
Yola has a point. Maybe we should start a TCS exchange program-you know, going to other parts of the world to study differences in cat-rearing practices, comparitive cat languages...
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I envy you guys. (except for England.....I've heard all the rain stories).

Here, we are still waiting for summer to begin. We've had a few nice days but not enough to even get my first sun burn. Forecasting rain for the next 3 days.

It is 22 degrees celcius here and I have no idea how to convert that. Something about adding 32, then subtracting the first number and etc.......and then coming out with the farenheit (my father-in-law has given up on explaining this to me)
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It just occured to me from Ghyslaine's post that I don't know how to calculate the conversion between celcius and farenheit either. So to all of us who don't know and would like to know, here is a link that does it all for you:

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Hot and dry - AGAIN. Rowdy is napping on my scanner. She SHOULD be asleep - she lived up to her name last night. I think she kept Ike on the run until after midnight. Swing shift today and off, tomorrow. I'm scheduled to work Thursday but am trying to get the day off, because of Mom's surgery. None of my brothers will be there. We need rain. All fireworks have been cancelled. Ike has been "dancing" in his wading pool and Opie just snoozes in front of the cooler vent. Have a good one!
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Thank you Sabra! I get smarter and smarter on a daily basis with you guys!

So...it's 72 here!
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Mary Anne! The image of Stryker keeping pace as a bat did laps around a room send me into giggling fits! And how lucky you are for those babies to wants hugs first. They have their priorities straight.

Hot and dry here in Colorado. The good news is that there is now an end in sight for the Hayman Fire. They are down to only 200 firefighters, and have it 70+% contained. Good thing, cause they certainly need the help down in AZ with that monster fire there.

I like Yola's idea of evening out the weather. Now we just need some of those scientifically inclined - aka Christy - to figure it all out for us!

Have a good day, and stay cool!
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It is very hot and humid here in eastern NC today. It is almost hard to breathe. We had some blue sky yesterday, and I hardly recognised it, it had been cloudy for so long. Clouds and rain again today.
Spooky, I took a belly dancing class years ago, and it was a blast. I wish I were in good enough shape to do it now. I would probably hurt something irreparably.
I hope everyone has a great day!
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I envy you your Sopranos marathon. I can't wait for the show to start back up in the fall.

G~ 72F would be my ideal weather. We have 90s, muggy, and then followed by downpours. My lawn is about a foot high, but it doesn't dry out long enough to mow it. My car is so filthy, but it's not worth it to wash it, because it has been raining every day.

Speaking of the dreadful weather, we had a monster of a storm yesterday evening. A tree in my neighbor's front yard got struck by lightning. This is the neighbor behind me, so the strike was maybe 50 feet from my house. All the while I was at class last night, I kept thinking about how bad the storm was, and how I was an idiot to leave 2 computers plugged in. They were steps away from being fried.
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72 wouldn't be too bad but we are constanly fighting this humidity. I would much prefer hot & dry.

Well....it's pretty quiet here tonight at TCS so I'm guessing that some people are smart and do get some sleep???? I have to complete a poster I am making for Canada Day (the BBQ menu) so I'll tackle that for a while and then off to bed. Tomorrow night, I have to make 2 baskets for a draw that will be held during the picnic.(on June 29) I sell Avon on the side so I generally just fill it with products I have in stock at home. People love it.And I make one for kids with toys from the dollar store. Doesn't take much to make a child happy.

This picnic is the one time of the year that I actually sit down, have a few coolers (have to have a few because they keep making new kinds and I don't drink often enough to try them all!) I have been warned by everyone to wait until 7pm to have my first cooler (after 1, I get a little tipsy). I'm in charge of face painting so can you imagine what would happen?????? I think I did pretty well last year regardless. Tipsy or not, a maple leaf IS very hard to draw on a 2 year olds cheek!

Hey, just noticed: I'm an 'adult' now!!!!!!

Good-night all!
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