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Oh where do I start?

Once when Justice was about 1½ he was up all night with a cold. When he finally fell asleep I stayed up and cleaned the kitchen until about 4 am. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and left the baby gate to the hallway open that way he could just come out and I would wake up. I guess I slept a little harder then I thought I would because he went into the bathroom and got into a jar of petrolium jelly. He smeared it all in his hair thinking it was hair gel I guess . I washed his hair with anything I could... including Dawn dishsoap... nothing got it out. He walked around for about a week with greasy hair

Another one was with Deacon. He was around 2 yrs old when we went to Sam's club and bought a HUGE box of Jello Pudding Cups. We let both the boys have 1 after dinner for a desert. Well he wanted more and of course he wasn't allowed. Well he decided sometime in the middle of the that he was going to eat about 15 pudding cups ! We went to wake them up to get ready for daycare and school and he was asleep in the middle of the floor covered from head to toe in chocolate pudding! Little boogers!

I have also been known to let them have cereal for dinner and yes, I have also wiped down the boys instead of giving them baths. And yes, they have worn the same shorts/pants to school 2 days in a row
And Deacon is prone to not wearing socks because it's not worth the fight in the mornings because the seams are "bothering" him. They don't always get thier hair brushed before being send to school. And I have given them cookies or chips for breakfast because I was running late or again, didn't want to fight with them.....I have let them watch "Beavis & Butthead" and even South Park ( I know, that's bad) just because I was too tired and they were quiet so I could sleep.... Bad Mommy!
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256
Bad Mommy!
I think that would be called normal mommy!
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