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Fleas or gnats??

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So I was attempting to dry my hair via a box fan in my window (I didn't want to mess with the heat of a hair dryer) and I noticed small brownish/black bugs moving on my bedspread. My first thought was fleas, but they didn't really jump and I was able to easily smoosh them with my fingers.

Then again, I've noticed the boys scratching more than usual. They are both indoor only but 1) I live in a one-story apartment with low windows and 2) Scotty got out about 3-4 weeks ago.

When we found Scotty hiding behind a bush, crouching down, we brought him in the apartment. The first thing I did was use Advantage on him and Oscar, thinking that should kill any fleas if any jumped on him. I've also contacted my vet to ask what flea medicine they recommend (they said Frontline Plus).

I placed a low-wattage bulb in a lamp and put soapy water under it (I was reading about flea traps) and the only thing I caught were gnats. There were definitely NO fleas (I placed it on the floor, right next to the spot on the bed where I saw the bugs).

Information on gnats:

Information on fleas:

Any one have any ideas?
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I should also mention that as far as bites go, I can't tell because I suffer from heat rashes as it is (around the abdomen, legs, etc.) and I walk around with white socks on all the time and have been looking to see if any friends try to hitch a ride.
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Look on your cats tummies or around the base of their tail for fine black specks- it's called flea dirt, is really flea poop, and is a sure sign of fleas.

Riffle the hair around well- even use a comb to be sure and see the skin.

You've gotta wonder- what attracted gnats to a bedspread?
Fleas would have been hard to catch, and you seem sure they were gnats, but I still wonder what you spilt there
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The weird thing is, I took the comforter I originally saw them on and washed it and put a different one on...and I'm still having the issue.

I've looked on their bellies, around their neck, but didn't look at the base of the tail for the flea dirt. I will do that when I get home. Thanks for the suggestion (I hadn't thought about the tail, just underarms, belly and neck).I will also be picking up spot on treatment for the boys. It's going to cost a bundle, but they should have it anyway.

If it is gnats, I might need to try different bounce sheets cuz that's about the only connection between the two comforters.
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Just make sure the spot on treatment comes from a vet and not the pet store. I know you mentioned using Advantage and Frontline earlier, but make sure that is what you use.
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Definitely. The Advantage I tried before came from a vet and I plan on swinging by our current vet's office and get the FrontlinePlus.

Only time I would buy OTC flea products is to add to the vaccum to kill any fleas I suck up.
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A few weeks ago, I had a lot of fruit flies in the house for no apparent reason. They seemed to have gone away on their own.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
A few weeks ago, I had a lot of fruit flies in the house for no apparent reason. They seemed to have gone away on their own.
Yeah..I just got home and checked the place where these "things" were before and there wasn't anything there. The only change I made was to close the windows in my apartment. That being said, I'm pretty sure they were gnats, and I closed off their entrance (which, I'm guessing, was the window about 2 feet away from my bed).

Now I just need to figure out the scratching thing..could that be from the heat? They're only scratching around their heads/necks.
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