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First kitten

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Thought i'd share some pictures of our new kitten Libby. She's 10 weeks old now. Usually she's running around but this was one of the few moments that's she's snuggled with me since she's been here (a week now).

You can just see the sock we've put on her to stop her from getting to her stitches (she just got spayed on Friday).

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Oh I love her she looks like my Sibohan! I just want to take her home
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Oh my goodness!!. Libby how gorgeous are you!! It won't be long before your running riot again after your spay
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She's adorable!! Congratulations!
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It is so cute to see her cuddling with you!
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She doesn't do it often, yet. She's only been here a week so she's still settling. Most of the time I pick her up to hold her and she just runs off! But twice now she's slept on me for quite a while. Adjusting when she wants to, then laying her head back down and closing her eyes. So cute.
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She is beautiful
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Shes gorgeous!! She will be up and running before too long
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How adorable! such pretty markings and i love her name!
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Ahhh she's adorable, I love them when there small..There so much fun and at our house we don't need TV it's comedy all the time, there a joy
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Oh she's so cute!! Just love that pink nose!!

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