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Tapeworms come from fleas, that is why we said your cat obviously has fleas too. It may just be a couple but that is all it takes. Tapeworms = fleas. It isn't fatal at her age specifically, but anything left untreated in such an old cat can cause more problems in a shorter amount of time then a young cat.

To the poster who suggested finding the cat a new home because the owner is too ill at the moment to get her to a vet, do you really think it is that smart of an idea to rehome an 18 year old cat? It's not like she flat out refused to take her in, she is ill. The problem wasn't a money issue, it was the fact that she can't leave the house.
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thankyou jen and i said she didnt have fleas because she used to have them and she used to have alot of dandruff to but now they are all gone.. so why has she still got worms?
and i my mum got kipper to the vet today and the vet gave us some medicine and we are taking her back next week.. im still worried tho :P
keep posted x

thankx libby ( kipper says thankyou too :P )

ooo and i reserched that as kipper still goes outside its the digestion of a flea that gives cats tape worm .. so she could of been cleaning another cat or sumet ( as they do ) and swallowed one then becasue at the moment i have just checked her and there definetely isnt any fleas.. hmmm :P )
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I'm glad to hear that Kipper got to the vet & has some yummy medicine to take. May I make a suggestion, tho? Just because you can't see any fleas doesn't mean there isn't a stray one lurking around. Since Kipper is an indoor/outdoor cat, it really would be a good idea to get a once-a-month flea killer for her. But make sure it's something you get from the vet (like Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution); over-the-counter flea medicatons can really make a cat sick, and don't do much good, either.
Please give your beautiful girl a good ear-skritching for me. (and I hope you're feeling better, too)
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yes i am and we give her frontline lol :|
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