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Strange Mum Cat Behaviour

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Ok, the new kitten is now 10 days old and up until now Mum cat has been doing fine but last night she went into a moving frenzy and tried to relocate the kitten in my childrens room. This is totally out of the question as we are currently redecorating the room and there are precarious stacks of toys, boxes etc, it would only take one of my children to move something and the kitten could be crushed.
I therefore locked mum and baby into our room which she has been most of the time anyway but she started trying to push the kitten through the gap under the door, the poor thing was squealing like a banshee. There seems to be no reason I can think of for this sudden behaviour, she has all her food, litter etc in our room, her nesting box and the luxury of the children not being able to get to her and for the last 9 days she's been perfectly happy in their.
For about five hours she continued to carry the kitten around the room, plopping it on the floor while she tried to dig under our door. I eventually compromised and put a pile of blankets in our bath, moved her food etc in the bathroom and closed the door. She continued to put the kitten onto the floor and tried again to push it underneath so I went in and put it back in the bath, mum jumped in and just started growling at it.
Another thing is the kittens weight, it was born weighing 3.5oz then for four days put on an oz a day, so at day four he was just over 7ozs. I weighed him again this morning and he only weighed 8.5ozs, which doesn't seem much after his previously high weight gain. I'm very worried about what could be up and really need some advice on what I should do so if anyone else has experienced this or can give me any information I would be deeply grateful.
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It sounds like something about that room is making her nervous and feel like it is dangerous enough for her to have to get the babies out of there. Is there a window to the outside in that room? Maybe there is another cat, a spraying male or soemthing coming by. Could be a number of things. If you closed your kid's door and opened yours to see where she wants to take them maybe or else set her up in the bathroom or a room with no windows to the outside if that is indeed the case.
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