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Need advice!!! like.....urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have had my cat that I adopted for a few months now, when I got him I had a job and money and everything, but right now I'm broke, except a random 50 dollar pay I get for filling in for people in my friend's business.
Basically my cat got sick, and I don't have money to go to a vet. I will have enough money in a week or two, and I will have maybe a fifty in a few days.

My cat has had a dirty bum for a while, I though it was just well.. dirty... But now he has "missed" his litter box a few times, but those times he didn't leave piss or poo he left weird reddish stuff, probably blood... His bum looks irritated and as if it's sore, red and it just looks paintfull. He also licks(tries to lick, he is too fat) that region a lot. I once witnessed him "scoot" on my carpet. I moved his litter box that day to a place with no carpet.

We recently moved from an appt to a house, and also moved his litterbox from one place to another a lot.

Also switched from Canine to Nutrience food.

Started letting him go in the backyard to eat grass.

Parents won't lend me money, since they are also broke(buying a house and all).

Basically, from what I've researched so far, it seems to me that he either has anal sac impaction or tapeworms. Obviously I'm not a doctor so I don't really know. Me and my mom tried cleaning his bum today after we found the "blood".

Im trying to find a vet that would be cheap to go to, or a vet that will let me pay over time.. I tried humane society but its immposiible to reach them over the phone, and same with cat resque. I'm thinking of finding a person selling kittens in the newspaper and call them to ask for help with finding a vet, or [perhaps trying a boarding place to ask them... I'm afraid that if I call a clinic they will just ignore me... I really don't know what my timeframe is. The cat is not acting as if he is in pain, but the signs point to otherwize. I don't know how much time I have to get money together to get to a vet....

Please, help me with suggestions of any sort. Ideas of who to ask, or how to try to make this more comfortable for my cat, Maybe an estimate of how much time I can take..... any input would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
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Call every vet and find one who will take payments ... Can you borrow $$ till your on your feet???
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I can't. My friends are mostly just making ends meet ... My parents are also doing that..

I think I will start calling every clinic I can find... I m just thinking that there must be some [place I can contact that will be more umm... I don't even know....
I'm going to go to get some sleep now, if I can... and check if there are any replies to this tomorow...
thatnks to anyone, and everyone in advace=)
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Oh I am so sorry about your problem. Search around and hopefully you can find someone. Do you have any friends that are vets? You could always try asking your friends if they have any relatives that would get the job done for cheap or maybe if they have a suggestion on a place that is very affordable.
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If you are in the US, check out http://www.carecredit.com/ and then find a vet in your area that accepts it. If you're from Canada, here's the link to that site: http://www.carecredit.ca/

Good luck!!!
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Also, until you can figure out what is wrong, stop letting him go out and eat grass. You have no idea what he might be getting into out there, plus regular lawn grass (as opposed to wheat grass or something like that) can sometimes give kitties tummy trouble. Good luck, and please keep us posted!
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Some vets will take a check and you can post date it and then they will wait to cash it untill that date. Ask about that when you call. Sometimes its better if you go in and talk with them instead of a phone call.
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This actually sounds a lot like what happened to my Sophie several years ago. I noticed a reddish smear in the bathtub one day where she had rubbed her rear, took a look at every cat to see who had a problem, and found Sophie's rear-end was wet & smelled awful. Turned out she'd had impacted anal glands that had ruptured. (the vet told me this is common in dogs, but uncommon in cats, but there they were) She was on antibiotics for 2 weeks, and I put warm, moist compresses on her butt several times a day. (that is NOT as easy as it sounds ) The bottom line is, you could definitely be looking at an infection, and your kitty needs to be checked out.
Do you have a "relationship" with a vet that has seen your boy over the years? If so, it's possible that you could describe the situation over the phone & get some antibiotics. My advice, tho, is to get him seen by a vet ASAP. It sounds as if your kitty is in pain, and if it is an infection of some sort, you have to treat it.
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